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Maritime Craft


Surface Life on A Skimmer - The Technical Stuff

Surface Life on A Skimmer - The People

  It is important to note that this section provides several player useable boats and ships, though is largely designed for platforms which might be used by a military character as a launching platform, or for support.  If a character were to create a character who was a Naval Officer, and serve aboard a surface ship, then several rule changes may be needed for large ship-to-ship conflict.

  For ease of playability, several ships may be slightly changed from reality.  It is also worth noting that the game world will determine the Naval capability of each country.  The DD-21 may be more suited for DC world, where some money still exists.  In Twilight, for example, many of these ships will either be sunk, or alongside with no money to sail them.

Surface Vessels

Air Cushioned Craft (AC)

Assault Hovercrafts Cardinal Class PRAC
Landing Hovercrafts Zubr Class LCAC
Assault Hovercrafts Shark Class PGHM
Landing Hovercrafts Pomornik Class LCAC
Assault Hovercrafts Skate Class LCA
Landing Hovercrafts Gus Class LCP
Landing Hovercrafts Zubr Class LCAC
United States
Assault Hovercrafts Seafighter Class PGAC
Landing Hovercrafts LCAC


* - Merc or Dark Conspiracy Game Worlds

Patrol Crafts (PB) CPC PB
Patrol Crafts (PB) Osa I/II Class PGG
Patrol Crafts (PB) Bay Class PBC, Fremantle Class FCPB
Frigates (FF) Adelaide Class FFG, ANZAC Class FFG
Destroyers (DD) Perth Class DDG
Landing Ships (LP) Jervis Bay Class AKR, Tobruk Class LPH, Manoora Class LS
Frigates (FF) Sabha Class FFG
Patrol Crafts (PB) Durdharsha (Type 021) Class PGG, Hegu Class PCFG
Patrol Crafts (PB) Burya (Type 205) Class PGG
Minewarfare Vessels (MM) Kingston Class MCDV
Frigates (FF) Halifax Class CPF FFH, Lake Class FFG
Destroyers (DD) Annapolis Class DDH, Iroquois Class TRUMP DDHG, Provincial Class DDG,  Lake Superior Class DDG
Tankers (AOR) Protecteur Class AOR
Patrol Crafts (PB) Huangfeng (Type 021) Class PGG, Hegu Class PCFG
Frigates (FF) Krivak I FFG*, Krivak II FFG*
Landing Ships (LP) Yukan Class LPS
Patrol Crafts (PB) Osa I/II Class PGG, Hegu Class PCFG
Frigates (FF) Eleikh Class FFG
Corvettes (FS) D'Estienne D'Orves Class
Aircraft Carriers (CV) Charles De Gaulle Class CVN, Jeanne D'Arc Class CVH
Frigates (FF) Brandenburg (Type 123) Class FFG
Destroyers (DD) Lutjens Class DDG
Patrol Crafts(PB) Osa I/II Class PGG
Patrol Craft s(PB) Hegu Class PCFG
Patrol Crafts (PB) Osa I Class PGG
Patrol Crafts (PB) Blue Knight Class Trimaran (PBT)
Corvettes (FS) Fearless Class, Eilat (Sa'ar V) Class, Nirit Class
Frigates (FF) Krivak I FFG*, Krivak II FFG*
Destroyers (DD) Rabin Class DD
Frigates (FF) Chikugo Class DE
Patrol Crafts (PB) Al Zatum Class PGG
Frigates (FF) Krivak II FFG*
Frigates (FF) TROMP Class FFG
New Zealand
Frigates (FF) Te Kaha Class FFG
Patrol Crafts (PB) Azmat Class PGG, Hoku Class PCFG
Patrol Crafts (PB) Hel Class PGG
Patrol Crafts (PB) Soimul Class PGG
Patrol Crafts (PB) Natya Class Minesweeper, Osa I/II Class PGG
Frigates (FF) Grisha I Class FFL, Krivak I Class FFG, Krivak II Class FFG
Destroyers (DD) Sovremenny Class DDG
Aircraft Carriers (CV) Keiv Class CVHG, Kuznetsov Class CV
Saudi Arabia
Frigates (FF) Al Madinah Class FFG
Corvettes (FS) Fearless Class
Frigates (FF) Santa Maria Class FFG
Patrol Crafts (PB) Spica (Export) Class PBT, Norrkoping Class PBM
Corvettes (FS) Visby Class
Patrol Crafts (PB) Aquarius (Patrouillenboot 80) Class PBR
Patrol Crafts (PB) Osa I/II Class PGG
Frigates (FF) Krivak I FFG*
Patrol Crafts (PB) SAR-33, SAR-38
Corvettes (FS) D'Estienne D'Orves Class
Frigates (FF) Gaziantep Class FFG
United Kingdom
Frigates (FF) Type 21 'Amazon' Batch Class FFG, Type 23 'Duke' Class FFG
Destroyers (DD) Type 45 'Daring' Class DDG
Landing Ships (LP) Fearless Class
Aircraft Carriers (CV) Invincible Class CV, Royal Class CV
United States
Patrol Crafts (PB) Cyclone Class PC, Blue Knight Class PBT, Mk V SpecOps Craft, Pegasus Class PHM-01
Mine Warfare Vessels (MM) Avenger Class MCM
Frigates (FF) Hamilton Class Cutter WHEC, Famous Class Cutter WMEC, Oliver Hazard Perry Class OHP FFG
Destroyers (DD) Charles F. Adams Class DDG, Coontz Class DDG, Arleigh Burke (Flight I/II) Class DDG, Admiral Zimwalt Class DD
Landing Ships (LP) San Antonio Class LPD
Aircraft Carriers (CV) Forrestal Class CV, Enterprise Class CVN, Nimitz Class CVN
Patrol Crafts (PB) Osa I/II Class PGG
Patrol Crafts (PB) Osa I/II Class PGG
Patrol Crafts (PB) Mitar Acev Class PGG
Patrol Crafts (PB) Water Moccasin

Patrol Craft (PP)

  The basic craft on any nation, the Patrol Craft is often a high speed and highly maneuverable boat used for river and coastal patrol.  These craft are often useful for mercs and soldiers, as they can be easily transported and crewed.

Corvettes (FS)

  A step between the Patrol Craft and the Frigate, the Corvette is an inexpensive way to own a combat capable ship, without a large or well-trained Navy.  Small and agile, several of these craft are able to traverse most rivers, making them effective fire suppression boats.

Frigates (FF)

  With limping economies, many nations have opted for the Frigate, a smaller version of the Destroyer.  Cheaper and easier to build (and lose), these craft are used primarily for such roles as ASW and escort.  Most are capable of carrying at least one helicopter.  Most Coast Guard Vessels fall into this category due to either size or weaponry.

Destroyers (DD)

  With their role as ASW platforms established in WWII, the Destroyer was the mainstay of most navies until the 80's.  It was then that the global economy started to show that the bulky and overstressed Destroyers were not as efficient to maintain as a Frigate.  Larger than the Frigate, Destroyers pack more firepower, and are normally given multi-tasks from Command and Control, AAW and ASW.

Aircraft Carriers (CV)

  A key role to warfare is the 'postage stamp' in the middle of the ocean, known as the Aircraft Carrier.  In Twilight, many of these platforms are either sunk, damaged, or too expensive to run; which is a constant threat in Merc and DC.  The Aircraft Carrier is used here as a platform for naval aviator characters to launch from, and for the purpose of the adventure. 

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