Pomornik (Zubr) Class

Landing Craft, Air Cushioned

Russia, Greece, Israel

- Thanks to 'Werewolf'

  This monster of a hovercraft is smaller only to the KvP-121.  The Zubr can carry two MBT's, three IFV's and 360 troops, though due to its large size is impossible to be carried within another vessel.  The main profit to Russia was the sale of two to Greece, and twenty to Israel.  The Russian Navy has only kept six.  The Israeli purchase was considered a farce amoung the world until the Conquest of Lebanon, when the Zubr moved a reinforced Brigade into Beirut before the Hasban Armies could entrench there.


Travel Move: 115/115
Combat Move: 40/40
Fuel Cap: 75 000
Fuel Consum: 17 250
Price: $ 9 820 000 (R/-)

($ 25 000 000)

 Combat Statistics:

 Landing  Hovercraft

RF: +2
Armament: 2x 30mm Autocannons, 2x 16-rnd 140mm MRLS, 2x Twin SA-9 SAM Launchers
Stabilization: Fair  Config:     Stnd Susp:     P(60)
Ammo: 7 000x 30mm, 128x 140mm Rkts, 16x SAMs  
Fuel Type: AvG HF: 10    
Load: 130 Tons HS: 6    
 Vehicle Weight: 550 Tons HR: 6    
Crew: 31 + 360 Weapon ROF Rng Ammo Damage Pen
Mnt: 30 30mm (x2) 5 250 API 14 4/0/-3
Night Vision: Headlights, Passive IR, Thermal, Searchlight, RADAR   250 HE C:1, B:2 8C
Radiological: Enclosed 140mm Rocket

IFR: 11 km

- 300 HE C:24, B:36 3C
  Rld: 16 300 CHEM C:4, B:30 Nil
    300 WP C:4, B:45 Nil

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