Yukan Class Large Landing Ship

Yukan Class Large Landing Ship

Project 072


- Thanks to 'Werewolf'

  For a nation with 200 Divisions, the Red Chinese Amphibious Fleet is a joke.  Only one Division at a time can be transported, and only then with limited supplies.  The Yukan was supposed to solve this problem, but it is sub-par with the rest of the world's landing craft, and only those with a death wish would take it into real combat.  There are seven ships in the Chinese inventory.



Travel Move: 18/18
Fuel Cap: 5 310
Fuel Consum: 1 200
Armament: 4x Twin 57mm Guns Config: Vessel
Tonnage: 4 170
Ammo: 3 000x 57mm Propulsion: 2x Diesel Engines into 2x shafts
Fuel Type: D, A
Length: 120 meters
Draft: 2.9 meters RADAR Sign: 1
Speed: 30 SONAR Sign: 1
Turn: 1 Hull Armour: 14
Acceleration: 1 Waterline Armour (x2): 14
Pumps: 6 Superstructure Arm: 14
Night Vision: White Light, Radar Size: 3
Load: 200x Troops, 500 Tons Full Speed: 20 boxes (ea. box = 69 float. hits)
Min/Opt Crew: 11/110 Dead In Water: 20 boxes (ea. box = 69 float. hits)
Mnt: 15 Sunk: 20 boxes (ea. box = 69 float. hits)

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