TROMP Class Frigate

TROMP Class Frigate

Missile Frigate/Destroyer FFG


- Thanks to 'Werewolf'

F801 Tromp
F806 De Ruyter

 Built to replace the De Zeven Provincien class Light Cruiser, and to handle the North Sea, the Tromp class is one of the most heavily armed frigates in the world.  It is technically a frigate, though by armament and size, she can also be considered a light destroyer.  They are multi-purpose ships, ranging from anti-air, ship and ASW.  The large dome above the bridge is the Air/surface search Radar.

Travel Move: 22/22
Fuel Cap: 5 000
Fuel Consum: 1 000
Armament: 2x 120mm Guns

2x 20mm Oerlikon Autocannons

 6x 12.75' Torpedo Tubes on two mounts

1x Tartar SAM Launcher

2x octuple SSM Launchers

Config: Vessel
Tonnage: 5 400
Ammo: 1 000x 120mm; 5 000x 20mm;

24x Torpedoes;

18x SAM; 16x Harpoon

Propulsion: COGOG

4x GT's in 2 shafts

Fuel Type: G, A, D
Length: 138.5 meters
Draft: 4.6 meters RADAR Sign: 3
Speed: 30 SONAR Sign: 3
Turn: 3 Hull Armour: 14
Acceleration: 2 Waterline Armour: 18
Pumps: 4 Superstructure Arm: 22
Night Vision: White Light, IR, Radar, Active Sonar Size: 4
Load: 1x Helo Full Speed: 20 boxes (ea. box = 90 float. hits)
Min/Opt Crew: 80/303 Dead In Water: 20 boxes (ea. box = 90 float. hits)
Mnt: 25 Sunk: 20 boxes (ea. box = 90 float. hits)

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