Durdharsha Class

Durdharsha Class (Type 021) PGG Fast Attack - Missile

Russia, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Egypt, India, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Syria, Vietnam, Yemen, Yugoslavia

- Thanks to 'Werewolf'

P8125 Durdharsha
P8126 Durdanta
P8127 Durnibar
P8128 Durdanda
P8131 Anirban

   A common Russian craft, the Osa earned its claim to fame in the Eastern Med.  When the Israeli Destroyer INS Eilat was sailing off the coast of Egypt, it met with a 4 boat flotilla of Egyptian OSA's.  The battle ended with the Israelis swimming home and a bright young Arab Lieutenant promoted to Captain.

  The Osa is a simple design that any nation can build, and many did.


Price: $242 000
Travel Move: 24/24
Fuel Cap: 4 000
Fuel Consum: 200
Price: $ 242 000 Weapon ROF Rng Ammo Damage Pen
Travel Move: 24/24 30mm 5 250 API 16 5/1/-2
Fuel Cap: 4 000   250 HE C:1, B:2 -6C
Fuel Consum: 200  
Armament: 1x 30mm Autocannon

2x Komar Missiles (see variants)

Config: Vessel
Tonnage: 160
Ammo: 500x 30mm Propulsion: 3x Diesel Engines in 3 shafts
Fuel Type: G, A, D
Length: 128.7 meters
Draft: 1.6 meters RADAR Sign: 3
Speed: 10 SONAR Sign: 3
Turn: 3 Hull Armour: 10
Acceleration: 2 Waterline Armour: 10
Pumps: 4 Superstructure Arm: 10
Night Vision: White Light, IR, Radar, Sonar Size: 2
Load: 4x Mines Full Speed: 20 boxes (ea. box = 3 float. hits)
Min/Opt Crew: 11/30 Dead In Water: 20 boxes (ea. box = 3 float. hits)
Mnt: 10 Sunk: 20 boxes (ea. box = 3 float. hits)

Hegu Class PCFG Fast Attack Craft - Missile

China, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan

   A smaller and less armed version of the Osa, the Hegu, or Hoku is a coastal patrol vessel capable of taking out shipping traffic.  The two large SSM's mounted aft are also effective against warships, when launched at short range.




Price: $200 000
Travel Move: 18/18
Fuel Cap: 1 500
Fuel Consum: 120
Armament: 2x 25mm Autocannon

2x SY-1 SSM's

Config: Vessel
Tonnage: 79
Ammo: 500x 25mm, 2x SY-1 Propulsion: 2x Diesel Engines in 2 shafts
Fuel Type: G, A, D
Length: 27 meters
Draft: 1.3 meters RADAR Sign: 4
Speed: 10 SONAR Sign: 4
Turn: 4 Hull Armour: 3
Acceleration: 4 Waterline Armour: 3
Pumps: 2 Superstructure Arm: 3
Night Vision: White Light, IR, Radar Size: 1
Load: NA Full Speed: 20 boxes (ea. box = 2 float. hits)
Min/Opt Crew: 5/20 Dead In Water: 20 boxes (ea. box = 2 float. hits)
Mnt: 9 Sunk: 20 boxes (ea. box = 2 float. hits)
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