Seafighter Class Hovercraft

Seafighter Class Hovercraft  (PGAC)

Patrol, Gunboat, Air Cushioned

Israel, United States

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(Israel - Shark Class)

PGHM-2 INS Hammerhead
PGHM-3 INS Tiger
PGHM-4 INS Lemon
PGHM-6 INS White
PGHM-7 INS Whale
PGHM-8 INS Leopard

(United States - Seafighter Class)

PGAC 01 USS Beton
PGAC 02 USS Queen of the West
PGAC 03 USS Caronedelet
PGAC 04 USS Manassa

  While many nations studied the use of hovercrafts for their armed forces (such as the US), or played with the idea in production (like Russia), the Israeli Defense Force fell in love with the versatile craft.  Most other nations thought the IDF's love for air cushioned vehicles was silly until the Conquest of Lebanon, where nearly a thousand hovercraft assaulted the beach in a stunning mass landing.  By the time the US could look over the hovercraft data from the assault, the IDF had undermined the WTO and purchased all major hovercraft manufactures which could built military grade craft.  In an embarrassing moment, the US asked the IDF for a joint project, knowing full well that the IDF would reap the benefits of it all.  A startling victory with the UN mission in the West African Union War under Captain Amanda Lee Garrett, has lead to the US ordering up to 20 more of this craft.



Travel Move: 242/242
Combat Move: 140/140
Fuel Cap: 5 000
Fuel Consum: 780
Price: $ 5 000 000 (-/S)

($ 30 000 000)

 Combat Statistics:

 Assault Hovercraft

RF: +1
Armament: 1x Quad Harpoon Cell, 1x Quad Sea Slam Cell, 2x 30mm Autocannons, 4x Stinger, 4x M2HB, 2x Mk 19 GL
Stabilization: Fair  Config:     CIH Susp:     P(20)
Ammo: 4x Harpoon, 4x Sea Slam, 14x Hydra, 14x Hellfire, 800x 40mm, 6 000x 30mm, 4 000x 12.7mm  
Fuel Type: G, A, D HF: 60    
Load: 1 000 kg, 1x RHIB HS: 50    
 Vehicle Weight: 60 Tons HR: 24    
Crew: 12 + 9 Weapon ROF Rng Ammo Damage Pen
Mnt: 20 30mm 5 250  API 16 5/1/-2
Night Vision: Headlights, Passive IR, Thermal, Searchlight   250 HE C:1, B:3 -6C
Radiological: Enclosed 40mm GL 5 200 HVHE C:3, B:12 Nil
    200 HVHEDP C:3, B:12 4C

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