Surface 'Skimmer' Life - The People

Who's Who in the Zoo

Captain (CO, Old Man)

  The Captain is the top position on the ship.  He is responsible for the ship, its crew and performance.  He is normally not part of the day-to-day routine, as his other duties fill his schedule.  Normally part states-man, the Captain must play ambassador to dignitaries when abroad, and judge for those aboard who have broken the law.  The position is normally filled by a Lieutenant for small combatants, Commanders for frigates and Captain for the larger warships, or 'heavies'.  In combat, the CO fights the ship.

Executive Officer (XO, Exec, No. 1)

  The Executive Officer is the second in command right after the CO.  He is charged with running the day-to-day routine of the ship, crew's discipline and most of the administrative duties.  A thankless job, the XO often gets little sleep and none of the glory.  Exec's are often a rank below the Old Man.  In combat, XO's look after Damage Control and the overall navigation.

Engineering Officer (EO)

  Often thought of as the third in command, the EO is in charge of all engineering matters of the ship.  He must maintain several departments under him, making sure that the ship runs smoothly at all times.  Engineering Officers can be of the XO's rank, though are normally a rank below.

Navigating Officer (NavO, 'Gator)

  An important job on a sea vessel, the Nav O must plot the ships route and ensure that the ship stays that course.  With GPS, this is an easier job, though military redundancy means that fixes must still be taken, and GPS never held too as canon.  The Nav O is in charge of the OOW's, and often can be found on the bridge.  In combat, they look after the navigating of the ship, ensuring it goes where the CO wants it to move.

Head Of Department (HOD) - Combat Officer, Deck Officer, Supply Officer

  These officers look after the various departments under them.


  Often thought of as the real power in a ship, the Enlisted Chief of the Boat (COB), is the highest enlisted man onboard.  He is in charge of the enlisted crew, their discipline, as well as smooth running of the crew in general.


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