Cardinal Class Hovercraft

Cardinal Class Hovercraft  (PRAC-50)

Patrol, River, Air Cushioned


- Thanks To Brad Clark

  The Cardinal Class Patrol Hovercraft was developed when Canada became involved in several Riverine operations under the auspices of the United Nations during the last years of the 20th Century. The Canadian Military realized it needed a “well armed hard hitting fast moving amphibious vehicle”. Studying lessons learned by U.S. Forces in Vietnam and expanding on them, the Cardinal class entered Canadian Naval service.  The Cardinal Class is a dependable and versatile vehicle, which is facilitated by the fact that the 25mm Bushmaster can be removed and that bay can be used for several other different weapons or converted into a personnel bay. The Cardinal class also carries 2 Zodiacs for boarding and insertion operations.

An 81mm Mortar or Javelin SAM may be installed in place of the 25mm Bushmaster.

  These hovercraft are divided into 2 flotillas of 3 5 craft squadrons. LANTFLOT is based in Halifax Nova Scotia and is commanded by Commander Stephen Winston; PACFLOT is based in Esquimalt, British Columbia and is under the command of Commander Sean Guerlain.

Travel Move: 180/70
Combat Move: 45/20
Fuel Cap: 320
Fuel Consum: 70
Price: $ 300 000 (S/R)

($ 7 000 000)

 Combat Statistics:

 Assault Hovercraft

RF: +1
Armament: 1x 25mm Bushmaster Cannon OR 81 mm Mortar OR Javelin; 1x 12.7 mm Twin Turret; 2x Mk 19 40 mm Auto Grenade Launch. Prt/Stbd; MAG MG Port/Stbd
Stabilization: Fair  Config:     Stnd Susp:     P(8)
Ammo: 500x 25mm; 800x 40mm  
Fuel Type: G, A HF: 4    
Load: 1 Ton HS: 4    
 Vehicle Weight: 11 Tons HR: 2    
Crew: 8 + 8 Weapon ROF Rng Ammo Damage Pen
Mnt: 24 25mm 5 250 APFSDSDU 14 13/9/3
Night Vision: Headlights, Passive IR, Thermal, Searchlight   250 API 14 4/0/-2
Radiological: Enclosed   250 HE C:1, B:2 8C
  40mm GL 5 200 HVHE C:3, B:12 Nil
    200 HVHEDP C:3, B:12 4C
  Type Round Damage Pen
  81mm Mortar

IFR: 4.5 km

HE C:8, B:28 -4C
  WP C:2, B:20 Nil
  ILLUM B:100 Nil
  Missile Rng Guidance Acc Level
  Javelin 4 km RADAR Average

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