Water Moccasin

Water Moccasin


- Thanks to 'Werewolf'

This  homebuilt class of armed strike airboats has become the vessel of choice for the terrorist group Venom.  Though unable to stand on its own against even Coast Guard vessels, the Water Moccasin is the king of shallow water and rivers.  It is highly capable in marshland, and can dash out at surprising speed thanks to its use of an overpowered V-12 engine.  This incredible power comes at a price, however, in that its maintenance is much higher than normal.

Price: $ 545 000
Travel Move: 28/28
Fuel Cap: 370
Fuel Consum: 260
Armament: 1x Twin M2HB Turret

2x 44mm Cannons

Config: Vessel
Tonnage: 3.35
Ammo: 100x 44mm, 1 200x 12.7mm Propulsion: 1x Engine to 1x Air Fan
Fuel Type: G, A, D
Length: 16.6 meters
Draft: 0.6 meters RADAR Sign: 2
Speed: 20 SONAR Sign: 2
Turn: 2 Hull Armour: 5
Acceleration: 3 Waterline Armour: 5
Pumps: 2 Superstructure Arm: 5
Night Vision: Spotlight, Radar, IR Size: 1
Load: Crew Full Speed: 10 boxes (ea. box = 1 float. hits)
Min/Opt Crew: 1/2 Dead In Water: 10 boxes (ea. box = 1 float. hits)
Mnt: 20 Sunk: 10 boxes (ea. box = 1 float. hits)

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