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Visby Class Corvette


K 31 HMS Visby
K 32 HMS Helsingborg
K 33 HMS Härnösand
K 34 HMS Nyköping
K 35 HMS Karlstad
K 36 HMS Uddevalla

  This is a unique and highly hydrodynamic design featuring the latest in stealth technologies.  The Visby is a super fast attack Corvette with minimal signature and noise level, even at high speeds.  Although smaller than most warships, the Visby is a capable performer.  All weapons that the Visby carries are able to fold down inside the hull, giving it more stealth capability.  It is highly maneuverable and able to navigate rivers where most other deep draught ships cannot.  The Visby can land a helo on its quarterdeck, but has no hanger for it.






Artist's impression of the Visby before her production before the War.

Travel Move: 35/35
Fuel Cap: 2 100
Fuel Consum: 500
Armament:  1x 57mm Autocannon

8x Surface to Surface Missiles

2x 127mm ASW Mortars

4x Torpedo Tubes

Config: Vessel
Tonnage: 620
Ammo: 400x 57mm, 8x SSMs,

100 127mm Mortar, 8x Torpedoes

Propulsion: CODOG in 2 Pump jets

4 GT's or 2 Diesel Engines

Fuel Type: G, A, D
Length: 72 meters
Draft: 2 meters RADAR Sign: 5
Speed: 20 SONAR Sign: 4
Turn: 3 Hull Armour: 13
Acceleration: 3 Waterline Armour: 18
Pumps: 4 Superstructure Arm: 15
Night Vision: White Light, IR, Radar, Active Sonar Size: 3
Load: 1x Helo Full Speed: 20 boxes (ea. box = 10 float. hits)
Min/Opt Crew: 24/42 Dead In Water: 20 boxes (ea. box = 10 float. hits)
Mnt: 24 Sunk: 20 boxes (ea. box = 10 float. hits)

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