Nin'Queesha Chxalli
Nin'Queesha Chxalli
"It is easy to ally oneself to the light or to the dark- the honor and love of goodness calls to those who enjoy its warmth, and the power and worldy goods of evil beckon those of the shadows. Finding the balance between the two, however, is a cold and lonely path- but the only way to truely care for the universe and yourself."

Full Name: Nin'Queesha Taolon Chxalli
Name History: Given Name: Nin'Queesha (nin-KEE-sha), Shaal've for "drop of the deep blood"
Tonaa Name: Taolon (TA-oh-lohn), from Quin'Kal Taolon
Family Name: Chxalli (cheks-AHL-ee), Shaal've for "line of the sun"
Species: Bre'Ama (Ve'Shaale Fire Elemental)
Homeworld: MonFiamma
Origin: N/A
Residence: Jhiirsai/MonFiamma
Gender: Female
Birth Date: Unknown
Height: Varies
Religion: Bre'Ama Linile
Languages: Common, Lhirr, Shaal've, Sedashizozet, Galactic Basic...
Class: Federational Alliance Prime Minister, Jhiirsaiian Tonaa Master
Tonaa Tribe: Water
Natural Abilities: Fire Manipulation, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Teleportation, Shape Shifting (Unlimited), Spirit Force, Immortality, Bilocation
Learned Abilities: Earth Manipulation, Wind Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Shadow Weave Use, Animal Speech, Hypnosis, Co'ana Connection, Jhiirsaiian Magic (Unlimited)
Description: Nin'Queesha has countless appearances, but her most frequented and recognizable are her natural Bre'Ama form and Human form. The only characteristic that Nin'Queesha carries with her from form to form is the color of her eyes, which are a bright yellow red. In her Human form, Nin'Queesha is generally about 5 feet in height (though she can change her size at will), she has wavy red/brown hair, and a moderate build for a Human female. Her smaller size often fools people into thinking that she is weak, but Nin'Queesha won't hesitate to teach them otherwise. In her natural form, Queesha sports a luscious red mane and tail feathering, has a canine head, scaled forelimbs, and pawed hind legs. Most Telesnan Elementals are colorful, but even in this regard Nin'Queesha is rather eccentric... her fur is colored by much of the spectrum and in a strange flame pattern on her back, stripes on her hind legs. From time to time, and in any form, Nin'Queesha may also change her image to have ghostly wings- fiery in a appearance, which she can use for flight.
Personality: Nin'Queesha is a happy creature, for the most part. She strives to find joy and contentment in all that she does and in every situation. Though she does sometime succumb to her emotions, Queesha is rather good at hiding her most offensive feelings- stress gets to her most often. She loves to be involved, but despite her immortality, Nin'Queesha is often finding that there is just not enough hours in the day for her to do all that she wants to. This may cause her to half-ass some of the things that she does, but for the most part, Nin'Queesha does her best in most everything that she does. An adventurer and warrior by nature, this Bre'Ama's curiosity gets her into trouble more often than not, but she has a way with getting out of that trouble just fine. All else set aside, Nin'Queesha's complicated personality is centered on her moral code, and that on her family and those she loves. Queesha is devoted heart and soul to everyone whom she considers part of her family- she will never hurt them, betray them... or do anything that she is aware would undermine their endeavors. Of course, Nin'Queesha sometimes seem to deviate from her generally light sided stance on things, especially when her more evil friends are involved, but in truth, despite her appearances, Nin'Queesha is not the kind of person one could really call "good." She believes in balance, and because of this, balances the goodness and evil within herself- in order not to compromise her spirit. It is impossible to really define Nin'Queesha's personality, she is always learn and evolving... and she has always been a bit eccentric.
History: The history of this Bre'Ama, like the pasts of most Telesnan Elementals, is shrouded in mystery. Though her homeplanet is familiar to her and to anyone who participated in the FA MonFiamma Frenzy, the time that Nin'Queesha left her home and how old she was when this happened is unknown to anyone but perhaps Nin'Queesha herself. When she did leave, Nin'Queesha spent an unknown amount of time as a slave- but ended up freeing herself when her Human appearance gave her the appearance of a ten year old. Shortly after this, Nin'Queesha began her extensive traveling- which brought her across the universe, learning all that she could and befriending creatures and people all over. It wasn't until Nin'Queesha found Jhiirsai that she settled down, though she continued her travels even when she had based her family clan on the planet. Currently, Nin'Queesha is very involved in the various Ihlathi goings-ons and she is high in the Jhiirsaiian political system- as one of the founders of the planet's society and culture (which is mixed with various Bre'Ama traditions, thanks to Nin'Queesha).
Original Stats: None

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Kon'sli Hebren
Corga'koe Sinavel
Raedre'sil Vinsi
Venna'Kinal Sinavel
Sonora'Dese Hebren
Olinu'konel Disape
Ora'Lin Hebren
Renna'Yin Chxalli
Torgo'kins Lishu
Boran'chi Telen
Gwenea'Linshe Lishu
Jinna'Velcin Chxalli
Inkli'ghi Oilod
Temra'Yuine Chxalli
Caretaker: Kindrel Hinna and The Chxalli Clan
Bonds: Killren Sislen and Sayen Chxalli
Juinna'si: Serlan Warbraete
Vren'kii: Quin'Kal Taolon (M) and Lakuith Taolon (M)
Kii'ren: Tir'Kal Taasa'lli (M) and Atnik Taasa'lli(M), Ting'Sii Chella (F) and Aetan Landwerlan(M)
Chii'ten: ---
Pet: Aabree

# Location Chasers Pre-Flight Flight Mate Hatching
1 Unknown N/A N/A N/A Cran Gredelle N/A
2 Unknown N/A N/A N/A Serlan Warbraete N/A
3 Unknown N/A N/A N/A Siisakoo (Nameless) N/A
4 The Black Sheep Weyr None None None December Uena'Aisi N/A
5 Nidus Avengaea None None "Flight" 06 -Kay and Lanriki- N/A

Mate Males Females
Cran Gredelle None Mizai Chxalli
Serlan Warbraete Dhikan Chxalli-Warbraete (Deceased) Alenna Chxalli-Warbraete
Siisakoo (Nameless) Oraan'quie Chxalli None
December Uena'Aisi Kizh'sul
Veav'ras Chxalli
Ca'liph Chxalli
Matra'ji Uena'Aisi
Adopted/Sponsored Illin Uit’Huall
Marss Taelaan
Iris Rona’de
Kiiyona Chxalli
Preesh Drell’Shanna
Rin Chxalli
Unin-kiil Olhetre
Verdi Rufasilex
Waharli Rona'de

Theme Song: "We Will Become Silhouettes" by The Postal Service
Pictures: None
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