Name: Ting'Sii


Homeworld: Fledesso

Gender: Female

Birth Date: 2609 PKP

Height: 4'2 ft

Weight: 75 lb

Religion: Breldesson

Languages: Breldesson, Sedashizozet, and Common

Family: Bond: Aetan
Disowned after the death of former bond.

Description: Ting'sii is a typical Lithin Brefon. Her small face, which is canine in appearance, is ringed by bluish fur that runs about to her midsection before striping with a light red fur. Her long ringed tail is extremely flexible allowing her to manipulate objects with it as she can with both her feet and hands. Ting'sii can walk on her hind feet or on all fours, though she tends to walk as a biped when around other beings. She does not normally wear clothing, as she is furred enough to do without, and the only jewelery she sports is the thin ring that she wears about her tail. Before the death of her bond, Ting'sii was often seen with all of her tribal garb, as she was extremely proud of her heritage, however, she wears none of it now that she has been disowned.
Personality: Ting'sii was once a loud, friendly creature... close to many and friend to all. After the death of Niigren’silve, her bond, Ting became extremely withdrawn. She hardly talks, and acts fearfully shy around creatures who were once her friends.

Other Stats Strength: 6
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 13
Charisma: 10
Class: Brefon Dragonrider, and F.A. Sorter
Alignment: Neutral Good

Other: Ting'sii bonded at Star City


Main Character In:
Te Breeve
Other Stories:

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