Iris Rona’de
Iris Rona’de
"I am fine... perfect, you could say."

Name: Iris Chxalli Rona’de
Species: Chaotic/Wraith/Featherdragon/Old World/Danachian/SCD/Iullerbrillan Mutt
Homeworld: MonFiamma
Origin: The MonFiamma Frenzy
Residence: Jhiirsai
Gender: Female
Birth Date: Unknown
Height: 5.8 Meters (19 Feet)
Religion: Jhiirsaiian Linile
Languages: Sedashizozet, Common, Lhirr
Class: Graduated Sidda'shele Student ("Of Fire and Smoke")
Natural Abilities: Fire Magic, Fire Breath, Illusion Magic, Verbal Speech
Learned Abilities: Co'ana Connection, Shape Shifting (Human Form), Jhiirsaiian Fire and Smoke Magic, Shadow Manipulation, Heat Manipulation
Description: Iris is a beautiful dragon, her appearance as fiery as her personality. Her long, sharp face is striped with red and white, as are her lower limbs and tail. Crowned with a full head of feathers and a bony frill, Iris has the look of a classical dragon... slightly exotic in expression and voice. Her body is long and lithe, muscular and graceful. Most of her skin is a bright red spotted yellow, but for her black wings and striping. Iris's wings, as wide as she is long, are mostly of a black leathery membrane, though a line of long orange feathers line the muscled part of her limbs. Her long furred tail is tipped by more of these orange feathers. Despite the fact that she is naturally lovely, Iris has accepted the Jhiirsaiian tattoos of adulthood. Her wings have been marked with white runes, her legs with the black stripes of war, and her shoulders with her own personal symbols of the sun and stars.
Personality: When Iris was young she was always sure of herself, always proud of the beautiful creature that she was becoming. She was the kind of dragoness that could have all the self-confidence of the world and still radiate a pleasing air... the kind of dragoness that could knew that she was the best, that could prove that she was best, and yet still have a whole group of friends that truly loved her. Iris was kind, though intent on being perfect in all that she did, and it was only her friendliness which led her to defy the law of her family. Only for those who had earned Iris's respect and love would she even consider doing anything that might be seen as wrong... and it was only for Ghwen that Iris did do wrong.

Now, however, having learned to question herself, Iris seems to have lost what once made her so popular and grand. Her pride lives on, though suffering day by day, and she remains loyal to her friends and family, but much in Iris has changed with her coming of age. She has yet to find her passion, her calling, and the feeling of listlessness has driven her further in tainting her good standing. Love tugs at her ever stronger, from all directions, and Iris finds herself constantly struggling between what she knows is best for herself and what is best for others. Nervous and unsure, she recedes into an unpleasant being- spiting arrogant words that she doesn't believe, and depressing herself with the fact that she is failing to be the kind of dragon that she wants to be.

Though her pride often made her somewhat hard to be around, it seems that Iris is broken without it. She needs to find her place again, believe that she is the best that there is...

History: Iris was born in the MonFiamma Frenzy and was one of the few dragonets who ended up deciding to stay on the fiery planet. Before moving to Jhiirsai, Iris was raised amid the volcanos and flaming oceans. A place that struck fear in most mortals, MonFiamma became Iris's home, and remained that even when she became a permanent resident of the Chxalli island in Jhiirsai. Her life on Jhiirsai was rather normal... she passed easily through school, earning the best marks of her class and making scores of friends. Of these, Ghwen Ake Asant became Iris's closest friend, despite the stress that a family feud had on their relationship.

It wasn't until after her adulthood ceremony and graduation, that Iris was really put to the test. Working on the Chxalli island, struggling to keep things in order while the main number of adults had left for various outings, left her without much energy. On one particularly slow day, Ghwen appeared with her grandmother's stolen ship and the pair departed for Star City together. Though she had said that she wanted to bond with her friend, Iris was desperately seeking a way to get out of her commitment and did when she signed up for a flight at Star City instead. Ashamed of her recent shortcomings, and disturbed by her own lack of enthusiasm and purpose, Iris found herself beginning to stumble, her mind full of doubt.

After giving up first in her flight and ignoring an invitation to coffee by the polite riser, Iris suffered an emotional breakdown. Feeling completely lost, she let go... and had it not been for a pair of her friends, Nolary and Ghwen, she probably would have wandered somewhere from which she never would have returned.

Original Stats: Name: Iris Rona’de
Sponsored By: Nin’Queesha
Gender: Female
Breed: Chaotic/Wraith/Featherdragon/Old World/Danachian/SCD/Iullerbrillan Mutt
Height: 19 ft
Abilities: Fire Magic, Fire Breath, Illusion Magic, Verbal Speech
Personality: Iris is a bit of a perfectionist, and entirely proud. She believes that she knows exactly who she is and is happy with herself. Not to say that she isn’t friendly, she just considers her friendship to be quite an honor.
Brought In From: The MonFiamma Frenzy

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Drawn By Aireona (^ ^)

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Caretakers: Nin'Queesha Chxalli and the Chxalli Clan
Bond: None

# Location Riser Pre-Flight Flight Winner Hatching
#1 Star City Dragonry Cemitae Rufasilex Pre-Story Flight Anger, Slyan, Fanei, Camilla, Atisa Talake H---

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