Kindrel's Bonding Story

There was only one person on the entire stretch of the beach, so it was not hard for Nin'Queesha to spot Kindrel. The woman was sitting with her legs crossed beneath her, her aging face aimed towards the lonely twilight sky. Nin'Queesha was content to simply take in her old friend for a long moment, sorting through the emotions which swept through her at the sight of the other being. So much had happened since they had last met, so much had changed- and she had learned so much. The question was, had anything changed for this little Human that Nin'Queesha had given so much of her life to? Had Kindrel learned anything from the hardships of her life? Nin'Queesha hoped that she had.

Kindrel, in typical Jedi fashion, seemed to be in some sort of meditation, her eyes closed and her body relaxed but poised. Nin'Queesha knew that the woman wasn't meditating, she never had- but old habits died hard, especially in the short lived Humans. Even though she knew that the appearance of deep thought was deceiving, Nin'Queesha found herself loathe to bother Kindrel. Not that Kindrel didn't deserve to be bothered... in fact, there were plenty of good reasons why Nin'Queesha should interrupt the woman's quiet. Nin'Queesha grinned to herself at the thought of the greeting that Kindrel really deserved from her... the kind of hello that would shock the Human, some fire might be involved... but no. That wasn't what Nin'Queesha was here for- she was here to forgive Kindrel, not burn her to a crisp.

Instead of sneaking up behind the Human, Nin'Queesha remained where she was, a look of minor amusement plastered to her smooth face, and gently tapped the mind of her old friend, sending thin fiery tendrils criss-crossing the other being's calm mindscape. Kindrel stiffened, obviously somewhat surprised and perhaps disturbed by Nin'Queesha's sudden reappearance, but she turned around anyway to meet the eyes of her grown charge and friend. Nin'Queesha could only wave at the woman, the embers of her angry feelings towards the woman forcing any words from her mouth. Kindrel stared back at her for a long moment, and then decidedly got to her feet and strode over to meet the Bre'Ama.

"What are you doing here, Nin'Queesha?" The woman asked, looking Nin'Queesha over with suspicious eyes. The Bre'Ama didn't miss the blunt manner that the elder Kindrel had taken on- perhaps the situation was too awkward, too sudden and impossible. Oh well.

"I have come to pull you out of this hermit's hole, of course," Nin'Queesha replied pleasantly.

"What are you talking about?" Kindrel looked with disbelief at her old friend, not seeing any sense in what this betrayed person was saying.

"I came to get you," Nin'Queesha reiterated. "You can't keep living here like this anymore. You are coming with me..." Kindrel took a step away from the Bre'Ama, an incredulous expression on her face.

"You have no right to..."

"Oh, come on, Kindrel," Nin'Queesha planted her hands on her hips. "Since when haven't I had the right? And, besides, you owe me... after all you did."

"Don't bring that up, Nin'Queesha!" Kindrel turned around with a fury. "Did you come all this way to remind me again of my mistakes!? I am sorry for what I did and there is nothing more to it- we can't go back and bring him back to life."

"Well, first, Serlan is alive," Nin'Queesha said. "And secondly, that aside, you still owe me for saving your life all those countless times; besides, you will thank me later." Kindrel stared back at Nin'Queesha, now frowning.

"What did you say?" She asked.

"That you will thank me," Nin'Queesha grinned with feigned ignorance.

"Serlan is alive!" Kindrel grabbed ahold of Nin'Queesha before she realized what she was doing. "How did that dog survive... oh, please tell me that you are not still with him..." Nin'Queesha pushed the woman away from her- her smile fading some.

"Like you said, that is not why I am here," she said softly. "I came to get you." Kindrel pressed her hands to her face.

"Nin'Queesha, how can you ask me to do this? We haven't seen eachother in twenty years... and I... I..." Kindrel stopped herself. "This can't be, Queesha. I know that you forgive family and all... but maybe I was never..." Nin'Queesha leaned in towards her mentor.

"You were my sister for most of my childhood, and nothing will change the love that I have for you."


"Look, Kindrel," Nin'Queesha didn't want to listen to anymore of the old woman's excuses. "I hate seeing you living out here all alone, because I know that you are a social creature. And I know that you will refuse to love any man... but I think I have a good idea of how to get you a family."

"Nin'Queesha..." Kindrel tried again. "A family? I couldn't..."

"You remember Sayen, don't you?" Nin'Queesha didn't wait for an answer. "Well, I think that you should bond a dragon..." Kindrel's mouth dropped open a bit, but she didn't say anything.

"I think that it would be good for you," Nin'Queesha added after a moment. "I know just the place... and..."

"Oh, really, Nin'Queesha?" Kindrel said. "Would you really? I don't deserve..."

"You deserve something," Nin'Queesha replied ambiguously. "And I know that you have been waiting for this..."

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