Kindrel Hinna
Kindrel Hinna
"Think about what you are thinking... about... Oh, why do I even bother? I stink at this."

Name: Kindrel Hinna
Species: Human
Homeworld: Unknown
Origin: N/A
Residence: Jhiirsai
Gender: Female
Birth Date: Unknown
Height: 1.5 Meters (5 Feet)
Religion: Unknown
Languages: Common, Galactic Basic, Lhirr
Class: Ex-Jedi, Teacher (Ihlathi Academy), Ihlathi Hatching Mother
Natural Abilities: Telepathy, Force Apathy
Learned Abilities: Co'ana Connection
Description: Kindrel is rather nondescript. She is short and thin and not particularly well built. She has short straight brown hair, chestnut eyes, a small nose, and a fair complexion. Simply not the kind of woman that you would expect to find traversing the universe, let alone being chosen as a Jedi. If anything, Kindrel's appearance fails to do any justice to the spirit and strength that this Human has (heck, if she survived Nin'Queesha then she can do anything).
Personality: Kindrel, had her personality not been dulled by her childhood with the Jedi, would have been an quite a fiery person. Curious and brave- she would have had the self-confidence that she lacked with other force users, and the resolution to escape the confusion and heart break that she faced in her later life. As it is, Kindrel was raised by the Jedi- and her personality took quite a beating from the experience. Loyal and gentle, Kindrel wished only to please her mentors, and because of this often ended up acting as though she believed things that she didn't, ended up submitting her will to that of others. Kindrel's curiosity was worn down to a sedated love of learning, her bravery to a stagnant sense of duty. Where other Jedi became intense and grand beings, Kindrel felt only compromised and weak. Her time with them has left her solitary and melancholy, always wondering about what could have been... and about what could never be. She does have some spunk left to her- in good moments, with friends, Kindrel can spill a few good jokes, and she has a lovely laugh. If anything, she will press on and find happiness where she can.
History: Kindrel's parents gave her to the Jedi as soon as she was born- and specifically asked to be kept from their child. Kindrel has never met her mother or father and her homeplanet could be any one of the places that she has visited... or none. She simply doesn't know. Life with the Jedi was hard for Kindrel- she never felt talented enough to be with them... and never could really bring herself to believe wholeheartedly with their absolutes. She never believed that she would be taken on as a padawan, let alone grow to become a knight. As it was, and to her unending surprise, Kindrel was chosen by knight Erenna Hquesa- and began her struggle against her own doubts. Things looked up for the girl when she was Erenna's student, but that life was to be short lived for her.

Erenna and Kindrel were on a rather nondescript mission when they ran into a strange little girl, Nin'Queesha. Erenna was taken by the little child and allowed the adventurous (and mischievous) girl to accompany them. Kindrel was greatly perturbed by this, not knowing what Erenna planned to do with the fiery little creature. This feeling grew to a strange hatred of the female when Erenna died- and her last words were strangely directed at the stranger, and not Erenna's student, whose love and awe for her mentor were strong and painful. Kindrel returned home, Nin'Queesha on her heels, and she did a very un-Jedi like thing by leaving the child to the city.

Nin'Queesha was far from being done with Kindrel, however, and the woman soon found that getting rid of the Bre'Ama would be harder than she had first thought... and finally impossible. Before long, the girl had Kindrel opening up to her, even becoming friends with her. And with Nin'Queesha's help, Kindrel began to do better and better on her assignments, to look better and better in the eyes of her elders. Though she didn't know what her younger friend was up to most of the time, Kindrel found that Nin'Queesha never left her hanging (at least not for too long) and she didn't even think to wonder what else the Bre'Ama was up to... until Nin'Queesha stopped showing up for her.

Kindrel discovered Nin'Queesha's secret, a love, and feeling betrayed- bent her will towards destorying her friend's relationship, supporting her actions with half-believed and misused Jedi words. In the end, Kindrel managed to push her old friend away from her- and finally alone, the woman crept home... only to find that there was no more home for her to return to. The Jedi were no more. Kindrel could do nothing more than disappeared.

And then Nin'Queesha found her again.

Original Stats: None

Caretaker: Erenna Hquesa (Deceased)
Bond: None
Husband: None

Blood Relation

Nin'Queesha Chxalli
Sayen Chxalli

Theme Song: "Wrong Disco" by Everything But the Girl
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