Sayen Chxalli
Sayen Chxalli
::Don't make me come over there! I mean it!::

Name: Sayen Hinna Taolon Chxalli
Species: Venator callidus draconis (Yautjadragon)
Homeworld: None
Origin: Abstract Destiny- Clutch 00
Residence: Jhiirsai
Gender: Male
Birth Date: Unknown
Height: 4.7 Meters (15.5 Feet)
Religion: Jhiirsaiian Linile
Languages: Sedashizozet, Common, Lhirr, Galactic Basic
Class: Jhiirsaiian Minister, Ihlathi Co-Director, Jhiirsaiian Tonaa Master
Natural Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, Huntermind communication, Acid immunity
Learned Abilities: Immortality (Bestowed by Nin'Queesha), Minor Shape Shifting (Jhiirsaiian Spell), Co'ana Connection, Jhiirsaiian Magic (Unlimited), Shape Shifting (Human)
Description: Sayen is a hulking bipedal dragon- though not without the grace and speed of warrior. He has a distinguished visage, with fearsome green eyes and a sharp toothed mouth framed by pinchers characteristic of the Yautja. Sayen also sports a short black mane which grows out from under his head plate- this hair is undreadlocked (the style of Blooded Yautja) but is often beaded in the traditional Jhiirsaiian way. His streamlined body is a light brown, dappled with dark spots which run up onto the off white membranes on his great wings. His long body ends with a thick untipped tail.
Personality: Sayen is just about as insistent about being "good" as Nin'Queesha is about following her moral code, and the pair is often brought to odds when Sayen's bond protects people that she considers family and he considers to be evil. Of course, such instances are a minority, as Nin'Queesha's adventurous nature and generally good sense for people have given Sayen a good partner for any hero-ings that he may chose to go on. Sayen is a wise dragon, for all his macho talk and muscled appearance, and his advice is usually deserving of some consideration. He hates it when people don't listen to him- especially when he knows that he is right, but even more than that, and lucky for those who are still learning to heed him, Sayen hates to see anyone doing anything that might get them into trouble. His undying dream to be a hero keeps Sayen going- and encourages him to do his best in all he does. More than an invaluable partner to a Bre'Ama and her blood bond- Sayen has become a minister to the Jhiirsaiian people. He honors his homeworld with all that he has, and loves his family with the boundless love of a father... even rivaling the devotion of Nin'Queesha herself. He is a successful and good-hearted dragon, brave and grand.
History: Sayen was born as part of the Genesis Clutch of Abstract Destiny, part of a large family of warrior dragons, and he has always had the pride and strength of his family and his heritage. His first departure from the Destiny took him far from his first home, and into a great many adventures and misadventures. So far from home was Sayen that when the call for the Blooding came to him, he could not return- and didn't, not even when the second and last call went out. Though disappointed and somewhat shamed by Unblooded status that he was forced to keep because of this- Sayen has never let his self-image suffer too much. He knows that he is a powerful and brave dragon, and a part of him even believes that he could still whip any of his siblings (he has yet to find out whether or not this is true) Blooded or no.

Away from the semi-peaceful bounds of the Nexus, Sayen learned to see the world through the eyes of his bond and with the sense of one who has experienced more of the outside world than they wished. Death and danger have dulled Sayen's want for heroics, now that he truly knows that implies- but his love for goodness remains. Throughout all his misadventures, Sayen has been very close to Nin'Queesha, as the two of them learned of the universe together. Of course, change had to come eventually- even to the relationship of the bonded- and this occured when Nin'Queesha's Blood Bonded, Killren, found the Bre'Ama and Sayen.

While Nin'Queesa continued to romp with Sayen and loved him the same as ever- the shock and exotic nature of Killren's appearance left its mark on Sayen. He fell in love with the dragoness the moment that he first set eyes on her and has loved her ever since. He thought that she might have loved him as well, but, upon following Nin'Queesha to Jhiirsai and MonFiamma in order that the trio could make a home for themselves, the unthinkable happened. Killren flew with another male, and a stranger in a frenzy... and she bore a clutch to the stranger. Sayen felt betrayed and angry- but hid his feelings as well as he could.

If anything, he knows how to go on with life... and he does, but he is still waiting for Killren and always will be.

Original Stats: Name: Sayen (SAY-yehn)
Bonded to: Nin'Queesha
Gender: Male
Breed: Venator callidus draconis, Yautjadragon
Rank: Not Yet Determined
Hatchling Height: 3'7"
Adult Height: 15'6"
Colour: Speckled Cream-winged Brown
Personality: Sayen wants to do more than just fight for good and justice in the world. He wants to be a hero. Maybe it's a kind of vanity, or maybe he just wants to be able to say, when his time comes to die, that he did a lot of good things for the world while he was in it. He'll be adamant that Queesha accompany him on his hero-ings, but only because he doesn't want her to be left out. He won't tolerate any more of those thoughts about burning up other people, though. Unless they're badguys that deserve it.
Abilities: Telepathy. Teleportation. Huntermind communication. Acid immunity.
Cyborware: Yautjadragons shun cyborware, but may receive One Minor's worth of Tattoos upon adulthood.

Original Images

Adult Image

Hatchling Image

::Wow... Sahurru read us all kinds of stories about heroes while we were still in our eggs, but you kinda are a hero, aren't'cha? Piloting your ship like that... do you fight evil, too? Well you should! Come on, we can train together!::

Drawn By Phoenix


Caretaker: Kindrel Hinna
Bond: Killren Sislen and Nin'Queesha Chxalli
Vren'kii: Quin'Kal Taolon (M) and Lakuith Taolon (M)
Kii'ren: Tir'Kal Taasa'lli (M) and Atnik Taasa'lli(M), Ting'Sii Chella (F) and Aetan Landwerlan(M)
Chii'ten: ---Isina---

# Location Chasers Pre-Flight Flight Mate(s) Hatching
1 The FlammaAgua Frenzy N/A None None Kitty None

Mate Males Females
Kitty Endu Chxalli
Kintwar Chxalli
Onaw Chxalli
Beca Chxalli
Entha Chxalli
Therche Chxalli
Tinpola Chxalli
Adopted/Sponsored Arram Chxalli
Polith Chxalli

Theme Song: "Against All Odds" by the Postal Service
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