Name: Tir'Kal

Species:Shapeshifter Arkainaro Hybrid

Homeworld: None

Gender: Male

Birth Date: 2667 PKP





Mother: Rella Cray

Description: As Tir'Kal can change into just about any form he wishes it is rather hard to describe him. However, because he is a hybrid and not a pure blooded Thrindel, or Shapeshifter, there are several features which he exibits in each of his forms. He has large black canine ears, small nonfunctional wings of brown and white, and a long brown tail despite the form which he has taken. Generally, though not in all cases, Tir'Kal has a characteristic color pattern. His face, neck, and hind legs are a deep black color, his back a light brown, and the rest a clean white. Tir'Kal can also be identified by the large collar he wears, and the markers in his ears and left wing, along with the steel cap fastened to the tip of his tail.
Personality: Tir'Kal, with good reason, is not a friendly character when first met. He is sarcastic, rude, and vulgar... not to mention he sometimes comes across as a prick. Tir'Kal simply does not want people to like him... he wants to be left alone, or rather he wants his past to be left alone. It has taken him sometime to develope this rude attitude, as Tir is not nearly as bad as all that. It takes him a while to trust anyone, but anyone who is caring enough to stick with him despite his hurtful manner will not be disappointed. When put to it, Tir'Kal is a loyal friend, devoted to those who would be his companion. There are but a few people who have gained the hybrid's respect, and Tir'Kal has proven the worth of such respect on every occation.
History: Tir'Kal was born to the Thrindel clan of Ren'Kal, to Rella Cray and Par'Kal. Such a union was not uncommon as Thrindel may change into what form suits them... However, Rella was deceived by Par as to his true orgins, and when she discovered the truth she became quite angry and left the her child with her mate as soon as he was born. Tir'Kal's father accepted his losses and intoduced his son to the clan, who, though they considered him something of a cripple, took the cub in with open arms.

Life with the Thrindel was hard for Tir'Kal, as his wings, tail, and ears often giving him away and making it hard for him to escape with the rest of the clan. By his fifth year, Tir'Kal had hunters after the entire clan, those searching to learn more about the Thrindel seeing him as an easy target. Alarmed, the clan left the young Tir'Kal behind. Disowned and alone, the hybrid was captured and brought to a research facility far from the world he had grown up in.

The first being of Thrindel blood to have been captured, Tir'Kal was treasured and concealed. Enduring, Tir'Kal grew within the dark confines of the painful world to which he had been brought. Tir'Kal was used to learn a great deal about the Thrindel and to create the largest group of hybrid slaves in the known universe. During this time Tir'Kal awaited his chance for freedom, which came at the celebration of the first successfully engineered Thrindel hybrid, 220220.

Tir'Kal ran away from the compound while those who had kept him were distracted by their new creation. Not daunted by the strange new world around him, the male was able to hide himself for two short years... always a step ahead of his captors. Until he was betrayed by one of his closest friends, and sold into the hands of his tormentors. Greatly angered at his refusal to be kept, Tir'Kal was secured with the collar he still wears to this day. To Tir'Kal's despair the device could be used not only to tack him, but to control his morphing capabilities. Changing size when he changed, the hybrid could not help but feel his fight for freedom had ended.

However hopless things appeared then, Tir'Kal was able to escape once more. More determined than ever, the male stowed away on a large carrier ship and was taken off the compound's world and out of tracking range. He was brought to the Star City space station, where he met his mother... Concerned for her son, Rella took the male in, and later signed him up to be bonded with in hopes of giving her son a companion who could not break his trust. At first Tir'Kal was unsure about his mother's plan, but he has come to realize how much he desires a companion and looks forward to the bonding with great hopes.
Other Stats Strength: 24
Dexterity: 50
Constitution: 67
Intelligence: 35
Wisdom: 9
Charisma: 8
Class: None
Alignment: Nuetral

Other: Tir'Kal bonded at Star City


Main Character In:
The Arrival

Other Stories:

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