Waharli Rona'de
Waharli Rona'de
"Feelings cannot always guide you, and rules will fail; the best way to live is by your own experience."

Full Name: Waharli Taelaan Chxalli Rona'de
Name History: Given Name: Waharli (wah-HAR-lee)
Tonaa Name: Taelaan (tay-el-AHN), from Vren'kii Marss
Secondary Family Name: Chxalli (cheks-AHL-ee), Shaal've for "line of the sun," from adopted mother, Nin'Queesha
Family Name: Rona'de (ROW-na-day)
Gender: Female
Species: 1/4 Moirean, 1/4 Catdragon, 1/2 Nexus Dragon Mutt
Homeworld: None
Origin: JKat's Generation Project: Clutch One
Residence: Jhiirsai
Birth Date: 13 ADW
Height: 4.6 Meters (15 Feet)
Religion: Jhiirsaiian Linile
Languages: Common, Lhirr, Sedashizozet
Class: Chii'ten Tonaa
Tonaa Tribe: Fire
Natural Abilities: Psionics (Teleportation), Fire Magic, Verbal Speech
Learned Abilities: Co'ana Connection
Description: Waharli is an interesting patchwork of Nexus traits. Her father's blood, with its Catdragon, clearly shows through in her long fur and very feline face. Though not as short and wide as a full blooded Catdragon, Waharli's visage leaves little doubt about her heritage- though some of her mother's more obscure traits also show through to some extent. Crowning the top of her head, a line of short brilliantly yellow feathers run down to her shoulders, and her long fur is the splotched reds and oranges akin to her grandmother. Her great leathery wings are unfurred, the dark brown of her skin, and lacking the patterning of the wings of either of her parents. She sports the double set of curving horns on either side of her jaw, and has a long flexible tail, untipped and covered with long fur.
Personality: Long past the age when most Tonaa bond, Waharli remained alone- hoovering between the role of a true Tonaa and that of a student. It wasn't for lack of skills, or determination- she had enough of each. Waharli simply approached the issue of bonding the same way that she approaches most everything. Options must be explored, angles examined... there is no rushing her- especially not in such life changing decisions as bonding. Though she isn't really all that slow about much else, Waharli does have a way of appreciating things other people don't seem to often take note of. Especially in new places, she really likes to take things in. Some people are bothered by Waharli's deliberate way of doing things, but she really doesn't seem to care.

In fact, not many things do get to Waharli. She is a pleasant dragon, and friendly as well- but despite the fact that she generally minds her own business, her own quiet nature seems to make her a target for those who amuse themselves at the expense of others. Though it doesn't happen often, Waharli is a bit too sweet for many people to bother her once they get to know her, she has a very graceful and very noticeable way of shaking off just about anything that someone might say to her. The little things don't get to her, and it can be obvious. She does, however, have a defensive streak in her... if she thinks that words might be backed up by actions, she isn't afraid to act in order to protect.

As it is, she is also a very fitting mother and has a big soft spot for family. Though some of her protective nature is simply how she has always been, Waharli picked up a love for a big family from Nin'Queesha, her adopted mother. She loves children and has taken on the role of substitute mother very well in several instances. Caring and understanding, Waharli takes her time with younglings as she does with all things- seeking always to better understand them, to better allow them to grow.

The only other thing that Waharli may be said to enjoy being a part of, aside from family, is the Tonaa. She doesn't tend to mix as well with them as many of the more outgoing individuals do, but she is entirely devoted to the central ideas of their existence. She isn't a fighter, but she is a protector at heart and it is for this reason that Waharli has remained with the Tonaa for so long. If she can help others with the gifts she has been given- she will happily do so.

History: Waharli was born in a large clutch to her bonded parents, Sublime Daisy and Shirrith Rona'de- grown dragoness of the MonFiamma Frenzy. Nin'Queesha Chxalli, because of her close early connections with the dragons of MonFiamma, attended the hatching- mostly hoping to simply check up on Shirrith and share in the happy moment. However, Nin'Queesha ended up leaving with Waharli in tow.

The little dragoness had simply struck Nin'Queesha as being Tonaa material, and more than that, a new daughter. It didn't take long for Waharli to take to the Jhiirsaiian way of life, and she quickly become comfortable with her new family. She did struggle some with school life, however, since her general slow method of doing everything left her with little free time and few friends. Waharli's efforts did allow her to master many Tonaa abilities, and upon graduation she was picked up by Marss Taelaan as a student.

Waharli's relationship with her new family developed slowly, but by the time that Marss's team of young Tonaa was splitting up to bond, Waharli was close to all of them. Not surprisingly, she was the last of all Marss's students to bond. She did, however, begin mothering clutches quite early in her life and has set out to adopt several hatchlings as well. As far as her work with the Tonaa go, Waharli sticks to defensive and aide missions for the most part; she avoids the larger conflicts facing the Federation as much as she can.

Original Stats: Name: Waharli
Gender: Female
Fur or Scale Colour: Orange
Skin Colour: Brown
Pattern: Red Splotched
Eyes: Green
Fringe: Yellow
Extras: Grey Claws and White Horns
Ability: Psionics (Teleportation), Fire Magic, Verbal Speech
Personality: Friendly, Defensive
Bond: Yes (but is holding off till she finds someone appropriate)
Going With: Nin'Queesha

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Art By JKatkina

Kipli Rona'de
Riniwa Rona'de
Risi Rona'de
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Ini Rona'de
Jisysi Rona'de
Kiri Rona'de
Niliha Rona'de
Sublime Daisy
Whispered Rose
Shirrith Rona’de
Caretaker: Nin'Queesha Chxalli
Affiliation: The Chxalli Clan
Bond: Mabass Nerano
Vren’kii (Tonaa Teacher):Marss Taelaan(M)

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