Ziry Rona'de
Ziry Rona'de
"I don't know what you're hiding... but your death will give us enough time to find out."

Full Name: Ziry Rona'de
Name History: Given Name: Ziry (ZEER-ee)
Family Name: Rona'de (ROW-na-day)
Gender: Female
Species: ˝ Catdragon, ˝ Nexus Dragon Mutt
Homeworld: Terra Nexu
Origin: Ihlathi
Residence: Jhiirsai
Birth Date: 22 ADW
Height: 5.5 Meters (18 Feet)
Religion: Jhiirsaiian Linile
Languages: Common, Lhirr, Sedashizozet
Class: Former Tonaa, Current Nexus Representative to the FA
Tonaa Tribe: Earth
Natural Abilities: Lightning Breath Weapon, Control Static Electricity, Hypnosis, Verbal Speech
Learned Abilities: Co'ana Connection
Description: Generally speaking, Ziry's appearance blatantly proclaims her Catdragon blood- she has a feline face, a long-furred body, and a bushy tail. A line of long, green feathers runs down her back, complimenting the dark greys and greens of her yellow splotched fur. Ziry's forepaws and leathered wings are an unfurred orange.
Personality: Ziry is a bright spirit- she has an innate sense of curiosity and true love of new things. She enjoys a good adventure, if it means learning something new about the universe, and she isn't afraid of much. She loves talking when she manages to meet like-minded beings- though Ziry is friendly to most everyone she meets.

Since she is mixed blood, and doesn't have a true species to call her own, Ziry has taken on the Nexus dragon mutt as her identifying label and she is very passionate about her people. Though she focuses her work on A-0002 (Terra Nexu), the Federation world built for its growing population of Nexus origin dragons, Ziry does spend a good amount of time in the Nexus as well. She really enjoys teaching, above the political work that she is required to do with the Alliance, and Ziry has a great fondness for young dragons.

Her enthusiasm for the traditions and history of the Nexus and its dragons make Ziry a wonderful teacher- and a pleasant find for anyone wondering about the bonding species. However, her philosophical nature, and experience with the Jhiirsaiian dragons, has planted some questions in Ziry's mind about the state of Nexus dragons… and she is not really sure that she totally supports the bonding traditions. She believes in families, and Ziry has become afraid that Nexus bonding ceremonies have permanently damaged the family structure for her people.

Her determination and strength, along with her doubts about the system, may prevent Ziry from taking part in any ceremonies… or from sending her children out into the universe as hatchlings, but she will certainly be building some kind of family in the future.

History: Ziry Rona'de, daughter of the greatest Nexus Dragon advocate known to the Federational Alliance, spent her earliest years on the blossoming planet A-0002 where she grew up amidst the diversity and developing traditions of the Federation's Nexus Dragons. Ziry first left her home world for Jhiirsai when she was old enough to attend the Tonaa academy- she hoped to follow in her mother's footsteps as a Guardian of the Three Worlds. However, life on Jhiirsai was not what Ziry had thought that it would be… the Jhiirsaiian dragons had become extremely prejudiced against their mixed blood cousins, and Ziry found that very often her people became the target of Jhiirsaiian anger.

To compound her growing feelings of mistrust and vicitmization- Ziry was chosen by a Jhiirsaiian Tonaa Vren'kii. Her master was skilled, and the young Nexus mutt could not help but respect her teacher for all that she had to share, but there was always a barrier between them- a barrier that hurt Ziry more than she would ever admit.

Often, Ziry could not understand why the Jhiirsaiian had picked her- she was out of place with her master's other students, all of whom were Jhiirsaiian dragons. Her teacher chose her last for everything, spoke to her the least, watched over her the least… in short, she did everything that she possibly could to slow Ziry's progress down. Needless to say, Ziry's personality did not allow this effort to stop her from keeping up with the her teacher's other students.

Her resolve and talent were surprising… but within her, as she fought her way forward in her training, Ziry grew angry, silently, dangerously. She began to believe that her master was wrong, and more than that… the Tonaa elders, the guiding voice of the Vren'kii, were wrong.

Of course, all of this went unnoticed until Ziry finally snapped. While doing a entrance check on travelers to an Alliance Trading Station, Ziry picked up on the shadowed thoughts of a non-Federation trader. They were not clear, but the dragoness was sure that the male was up to something quite dark. Her sense was deliberately ignored by her Vren'kii… who reprimanded Ziry for taking her focus off of the main stream of the entering travelers. Out of anger and the need to stop what she sensed was evil within the suspect- Ziry killed the creature. When outrage settled down somewhat- it was found that the man had been smuggling younglings out of the Federation as slaves, but Ziry's actions were punishable despite this.

She was asked to leave the Order for a time… and she did so without complaint. Ziry returned to Jhiirsai to get her things and then she left for the Nexus sector. Ziry would never return to Jhiirsai- not as a Tonaa and not otherwise. She bonded in the Nexus and then returned to her homeworld where she picked up her mother's work.

Original Stats: Name: Ziry Rona’de
Sponsored By: Waharli Rona'de
Gender: Female
Breed: : ˝ Catdragon, ˝ Nexus Dragon Mutt
Height: 18 ft
Abilities: Lightning Breath Weapon, Control Static Electricity, Hypnosis, Verbal Speech
Personality: Adveturous, independent, friendly

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Art By Aireona

Kan Rona’de
Tevin Rona’de

Hisa Rona’de
Narri Rona’de
Watie Rona’de
Yobyn Asurriacal
Waharli Rona'de
Sublime Daisy
Whispered Rose
Shirrith Rona’de
Affiliation: The Chxalli Clan
Bond: Karbin'n'tahn
Juinna’si (Mate): Korraz D'hothorni
Vren'kii: Unnamed Jhiirsaiian Dragon

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