Korraz D'hothorni
Korraz D'hothorni
"Whatever you want... you're not getting it here. I am sure we already don't have enough."

Full Name: Korraz D'hothorni
Gender: Male
Species: Nexus Dragon Mutt (1/4 Hath-Hydra, 3/4 Whorling)
Homeworld: None
Origin: The Abstract Destiny: Biosynth 18 Hatching
Residence: Terra Nexu
Age: Adult
Height: 1.2 Meters (4 Feet)
Religion: Unknown
Languages: Sedashizozet, Common
Class: None
Natural Abilities: Dark Vision, Telepathy, Venomous Stinger, and Verbal Speech
Learned Abilities: None
Description: First thing that people tend to notice about Korraz is that he is a tiny dragon. Four feet doesn't amount to much when one's friends are 10 and 20 feet high. Second, his four heads definitely win some attention. All his heads are feline, and bear long golden brow horns, and brilliant red eyes. One of his center heads is crowned by the same bright red feathers that accent his poison barbed tail and the leathered wings of his forelimbs. Most of Korraz's body, aside from these feathers, is a dark black marked on his faces and forelimbs with swirling brown stripes.
Personality: First rule when it comes to Korraz- stay away from his things. Stay far away, because he isn't afraid to fight for what he believes is his... and there are more than a few larger dragons on Terra Nexu that he has sent home with a nice set of his teeth marks in their skin.

Most people know that there is more to Korraz than the violent, angry face that he likes to protect himself with, but few see it. Ziry, Karbin and perhaps a few other trusted friends have been chosen by Korraz for one reason or another as worthy of catching glimpses of his better side.

Essentially, behind all his jealously and rage, Korraz is a creature that is wildly searching for love and a place to feel his own. When things are right, when comfort has settled his fears into silence, the Korraz that Ziry has found herself loving comes out. His sense of humor keeps Karbin on his toes, and his loyalty makes him a worthy friend to anyone that can get through to him.

History: Korraz's story is one of disappointment... and perhaps this truth isn't something that really surprised him. His jealously has always been a screen for fear, fears that have been with him since the moment he was brought into the world, and fears that were realized early on in his life when he was abandoned.

Of course, Korraz wasn't left to the cruel hands of the universe; Dr. Schroeder brought the little hybrid back to the safety of the Abstract Destiny as soon as word got to him that Korraz had been left by his bond. However, Korraz wanted more than a warm bed and a quiet place to call his own... he wanted a living being that he could call his own...

How he and Ziry ended up together is really quiet a mystery to most people that know the two of them. Ziry is a headstrong creature, not truly willing to belong to any one other being, and certainly not sympathetic to jealous, self-sorry people. Korraz, on the other hand, is an angry dragon and not unwilling to fight for what he has claimed for his own. The connection that the pair goes deeper than anyone can truly see... it goes down into the roots of the fear that they share. The fear of being abandoned... of losing everything.

Korraz isn't really into Ziry's fight for change in the dragoning world, though he definitely understands where she is coming from (probably better than she does), but he is definitely a silent support for her efforts. And while Ziry can be somewhat verbally abusive when caught up in her work, she is as devoted to Korraz as he is jealous of her devotion.

If there is anything that either of them can know... it is that neither of them shall ever lose everything because they will always have eachother.

Original Stats: Name: Korraz D'hothorni
Clutch: Biosynth 18
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Species: Feline Hydra Mutt
Hatchling Height: 1'3" at shoulder
Adult Height: 4'0" at shoulder
Color: Black
Personality: Korraz always was an insecure creature. Prior to his abandonment, this expressed itself as growling, hissing jealousy, although he was never really mean. Now, however, this is not the case. Korraz is viciously protective of what little he still has and is quick to bare his many sets of teeth whenever he feels like "his" territory is being encroached on.
Abilities: Dark Vision. Telepathy. Venomous Stinger. Verbal Speech.
Tokens: 2 Minor

Pre-Abandonment Personality: Cats can be possessive beasts and Korraz displays this well. When he looks at Ovra, he thinks "Mine!" and he won't make any secret of it. Little Ohusier is already competition in Korraz's mind and the terigon will likely be on the receiving end of a good many jealous growls and hisses. Korraz isn't, however, mean. If he's anything, it's probably just insecure.

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Lyoa D'hothorni
Nyoe D'hothorni
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Syoi D'hothorni
Tyoo D'hothorni
Ryoe D'hothorni
Juinna’si (Mate): Ziry Rona'de
Bond: None

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Mate Males Females

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