The Nature of Ziry
Coragar was smirking to himself when Ziry noticed the creeping merchant.

At the moment that the young Tonaa had noticed him, Coragar was thinking about how he was going to be known as the greatest slave hunter in all of his home galaxy... how he would be honored for stealing the children of the great Federational Alliance... how his people would bow down to him for humbling the outsiders before them. He was thinking about his precious cargo- safe from the prying magics of the Tonaa...

Though she didn't know exactly what he was thinking, Ziry got the worst kind of feeling from the guy. His aura seemed shaded and... sickly... not really evil, but getting there.

"Excuse me," Ziry said. She was going off an impulse, her teacher would never agree... but that wasn't really the point. She just had the feeling that if she let this creature go... something terrible would happen, beneath their very noses.

Coragar paused for the briefest second, allowed himself to feel fear for a breath...

"Rona'de! Keep your eyes on the incoming travelers! Not the outgoing! We have enough to worry about as it is... without you wanting to check people that have already gone through!" Ziry's mentor was nearly snarling at her.

Coragar turned away from them all before returning the smirk to his face. Yes, he did understand the Tonaa... trapped by their rules, and their alliance to the Federation. A part of him still couldn't believe that he was going to get away with this...

Coragar was on the ground in the next instant, Ziry's claws at his yellow throat.

"I don't know what you are hiding," she hissed in his face. "But your death will give us enough time to find out..."

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