Marss Taelaan
Marss Taelaan
"So, what does that make you?"

Drawn By Aireona (Bonnie Raschke)

Name: Marss Chxalli Gelben'dri Taelaan
Species: Dragon Mutt (Xeno-dragon, Catdragon, Guardian Kirin, Whorling, Wris'Talora)
Homeworld: N/A
Origin: Kalyturn's Hybridization Center: Breeding 1
Residence: Kininalle'sion Isla (Jhiirsai)
Gender: Male
Birth Date: Unknown
Height: 3 Meters (10 Feet)
Religion: Jhiirsaiian Linile
Languages: Common, Lhirr, Galactic Basic
Class: Jhiirsaiian Tonaa Master
Natural Abilities: Telepathy, Verbal Speech, Elemental Immunity (Shadow), Teleportation, Elemental Control (Shadow)
Learned Abilities: Co'ana Connection, Jhiirsaiian Magic (Unlimited), Shape Shifting (Human)
Description: For a xeno, Marss is quite a beautiful creature (if one could ever describe a xeno as a "beautiful"). Most of his body is a brilliant red color, his plated belly a bright blue, and his hind legs a striped black. His face, which is a shortened form of the usual xeno visage, is blank and smooth but for a grinning toothy mouth. Crowning his head, between a set of three horns, is a silky black mane- of the same fur which lines the back of his forelegs. Marss's hind legs- which exhibit some of his xeno blood in their appearance, each sport two white stripes, and their backs are covered with a leathery (almost plated) tissue, which also runs up Marss's back to his ribs. Also from his xeno blood, the dragon's long blue tail, is plated and rather unflexable because of it. The Marss's wings are feathered, though his primaries are more insect in appearance, each feather webbed with a clear yellow membrane.
Personality: Most people don't really expect xenos to be anything all that intelligent- though with their queen they can be quite tactful- but Marss is certainly something of a surprise to anyone that might think him slow because of his appearance. Not only is he a clever hunter, with a sharp tongue, but he is quick to the uptake. Marss learns quickly and puts all that he knows to good use. He also has a fairly good memory, one which works perfectly as a storage place for all the secrets and various helpful tips that he picks up as he goes through his day. Such things aren't always put to destructive use though, as Marss does have a good many friends, people that he is very devoted to and loves rather reverently.

He is a generally happy creature, and whether he is with his friends or not, Marss usually has a big grin on his face. When he is in a good mood, this dragon is quite sunny and is even sort of pleasant to be around (even for those you may not like xenos all that much). Unlike many with such a cheerful disposition, Marss doesn't really seem to care if anyone else is happy with him... and in fact, a good many people have become rather annoyed at him for this- as he tends to smile to himself even when those around him are suffering (Rin has threatened to kill him several times for because of this habit).

Marss's grin can also be eery, especially when it is plastered to his red face during a moment of particular violence. Though he isn't usually all that imposing- Marss is certainly dangerous. His xeno blood may not account for his brains, but it definitely has something to do with his temper. Anyone who might threaten Marss himself or a member of his family will quickly find out just how much of a temper this dragon has... though it may be said, that even in acts of anger, Marss seems rather happy.

History: Marss is one of the first clutch to be born at Kalyturn's Hybridization Center, and the sum of his parent's and ancestor's troubles. Why his two mothers came together the way that they did, why any of his family came together, is hard to figure (at least for any Jhiirsaiian), but it can be at least said that Marss is glad that they did. After that he doesn't really care... Marss doesn't know any of his blood family and doesn't seem to interested in getting to know them. His true family began with his bond, Rin, whom he attached himself to during his early youth. Marss's devotion and love for his bond are great- and he seems to have it in his head that if it weren't for her he would have never experienced all the adventures that have made up his life (though the elder Tonaa would say that fate is always involved in arrivals).

Despite such speculation, it was Marss and Rin's partnership which brought the ancient Kirrirrs to the pair and it was their partnership which allowed them both to become the Tecii's students and later Tonaa themselves. During their time with Kirrirrs, Marss really gained his perspective- exploring the universe, gaining magic and friends, and learning when his violent nature is appropriate. Marss really bonded with his new family, and saw the advantage to being close friends with other creatures... even if they aren't xenos or Rin. Because his time training gave him a home and a good life, Marss became extremely loyal to the Tonaa way (and still is) and it was this loyalty which led him and his bond to become masters of the traditions and magics.

Now that their adventures are over for the time being, Marss is starting to settle down with Rin, the both of them occupied with the thought of starting a family of their own. Marss isn't particularly fond of younglings, but he is quite sure that he could come to like his own... even love them if he must. If anything, the bonds plan on gathering their own Chii'ten in the near future, and passing on the traditions that mean so much to him is something that Marss is really looking forward to.

Original Stats: Name: Marss
Gender: Male
Parents: Purple-Black-White Darkess, Purple-Black-Silve Murasaki'Shinjiru Taelaanaa
Size: Medium
Colour: Red-Black-Blue
Abilities: Telepathy, Verbal Speech, Elemental Immunity (Shadow), Teleportation, Elemental Control (Shadow)
Personality: Sharp-Minded, Cheerful, Aggressive

Original Image

Drawn By Dracothrope


Dread Corollary
Fear Effect
Murasaki'Shinjiru Taelaanaa
Night Star
Caretakers: The Chxalli Clan
Bond: Rin Chxalli
Vren'kii: Kirrirrs Gelben'dri (F) and Walintair Turun (M)
Kii'ren: ---
Chii'ten: ---
Pet: Taalo

# Location Chasers Pre-Flight Flight Mate Hatching
#0 Ihlathi Native Clutch None None Rin Chxalli ---

Mate Males Females
Rin Chxalli Gaerss Chxalli
Riless Chxalli
Brea Chxalli
Fen Chxalli
Sena Chxalli
Adopted/Sponsored Er'phen Chxalli Charra Chxalli

Theme Song: "Bliss" by Muse
Pictures: ---
Stories: Starting the Family

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