Starting the Family

Marss was watching Rin carefully... well, listening in on her mind rather. He could sense that something was amiss with his bond, it was in her mind and spirit, in her voice... no one else had seemed to have picked up on it, but Marss couldn't help but see the shift in Rin. The xeno-mutt had an idea of why she was so moody... or not moody, but he would have to find the time to ask her later. Rin would never answer him straight in a crowd like this, not by a long shot.

Slapping his signature grin across his face, Marss slipped into the celebration- talking to gathered friends and family. He felt numb, and wanted to be as happy as he was trying to make himself seem, because the marriage of Kirrirrs, who had been a mother figure to both Marss himself and Rin, was certainly an occasion for joy. There was something missing, and Marss thought that that might be what his bond was feeling... though he didn't want to prod at her too much in order to find out. She would tell him herself when he asked... if he could just find the right time.

Now however, Marss was expected to be his grinning self, and he would have to try to put his feelings aside and take in the party. It wasn't often, afterall, that he was able to see all his old friends and he missed them all...

* * *

Marss was crawling into bed, too tired from the day of celebration to recall his convictions from the earlier in the day. He had drunk one too many drinks and gone swimming one too many times... not to mention, he would have to try to look semi-nice the next day during the actual ceremony. Marss wasn't looking forward to the next day- not at all. Rin, however, had made her own promises and was too preoccupied not to keep them.

~Marss,~ she said softly, her mind sending a cascade of blues and smooth whites through her bond's head. Marss tried to shake the sleep out of his skull. ~I have been thinking a lot lately, and...~ Marss was just remembering what he had wanted to question her about, that private little emptiness in her head- the thought that she had been shielding from his mind. The dragon knew that whatever it was must be serious, for Rin to hide it from him. He didn't say anything, hoping and knowing that she was about to reveal her concerns to him, finally.

~I think that it is time that you and I... see about starting our family. We have been settled down for a while now...~ Marss sat up and turned his eyeless face towards his bond.

"What do you have in mind," he asked her eagerly, his mind transmitting his agreements and happiness to her.

~Well,~ Rin replied, obviously relieved by her bond's reaction. ~I have been looking into sponsoring...~ Marss interrupted Rin again.

"Too soon to mate and have real ones?" He asked, half jokingly... though he could see right away that the words were a mistake.

~No!~ Rin snapped, her usual defensive manner returning to her. ~I was just thinking that it would be best to sponsor before we had our own... because it will be harder to do once we... mate.~ Marss nodded, not wanting to get her further worked up.

"Do you have anything in mind?" He asked, hoping to sooth her a bit.

~It is a place called Valley of the Sky.~

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