Cran "Riptide" Gredelle
Cran "Riptide" Gredelle
"He should feel lucky! He couldn't have hurt me if I wanted him to...!"

Name: Cran "Riptide" Gredelle
Species: Water Elemental (Henne'lel)
Homeworld: Swenna
Residence: Jhiirsai
Gender: Male
Birth Date: Unknown
Height: Human Form: 1.8 Meters (6 Feet)
Natural Form: Varies
Weight: Human Form: 85.7 Kilograms (189 Lbs)
Natural Form: Varies
Religion: Unknown
Languages: Common, Galactic Basic, Lhirr
Class: Bounty Hunter
Natural Abilities: Water Manipulation, Immortality, Shape Change (Limited, Human Form)
Learned Abilities: None
Description: Cran has two forms that he appears in most often- though he is capable of taking several different images. His natural Henne'lel shape is long and amphibious- with dark blue and white striped markings down its length. He sports a mammalian head, wedge shaped but cheery in appearance, and a flexible marine animal's body- with a long flat tail and short finned appendages. In his human form Cran is rather unremarkable (aside from his very blue and very unkept hair). He is fairly tall and appears to be very skinny- though it should be said that this appearance has a way with fooling opponents who size up the Water Elemental as weak because of his unmuscled look.
Personality: Cran, despite his little mistakes (ex. accidental floodings, leaving his mate, and killing various people), is an honorable and good hearted person. He often finds himself caught up in things, or "distracted" as he likes to call the situation, and as such the Water Elemental tends to be a bit impulsive (and deceitful). Not to say that he lacks intelligence, neither Cran's breeding nor his curiosity would allow for anything near stupidity and , but on a Henne'lel scale he is probably on the bottom rungs. Though he often appears confident (bordering on arrogance), Cran is actually rather self-conscious, especially of his intelligence, and because of this he has had to take on a line of work which allows him to operate within the bounds of his strengths. Cran is very skilled as a bounty hunter, and his various natural abilities give him quite an advantage over his prey (especially since he is immortal). Not to say that he enjoys killing, but Cran doesn't mind... death, as it is to most of his people, is a gift, and more often than not, given the crime of his target, the Water Elemental will take a special pride in his work. This pride, better described as obsession, makes Cran very efficient and his standing record lacks any unintentional failures. This said, the Elemental has been known to abort his missions if he should find out that his employer has the wrong reasons for wanting the death of their target- much like his late mate, Nin'Queesha, Cran holds his moral code above all else. This must have been one of the reasons that the Fire Elemental, Nin'Queesha, was attracted to Cran in the first place, and perhaps likewise for the Water himself, but despite their close relationship- Cran's code never made him feel responsible for his mate. He does love both his daughter and Nin'Queesha, however, and his devotion to them has led him across the universe. Cran does believe in devotion to family, though not quite in the same way that Humans may, and among his other stiff moral rules- his family is something that Cran strictly respects.
History: Cran's early childhood is a bit of a mystery- he doesn't seem to remember much from his younger days and since his age is indeterminate an era cannot even be allocated to the Elemental. Since Cran himself doesn't seem to care much about finding out what happened to him in the past- there is little else to say for his early history except that he seems to have appeared as a young child in the slums of the planetary city of Huenna. This appearance occurred when Cran was arrested for stealing and brought to one of the lower level jails for the night. All in all, the experience didn't teach the Elemental much and once he was released onto the streets he once more took part in the activity. It took one more arrest to show the small Henne'lel that he needed to be more careful about what he was doing. Cran became very secretive and found ways to not only steal without being caught- but also picked up speeder hijacking and loaded gambling.

The Elemental's life ran on like this for sometime, until Cran grew bored of the situation and stowed away on an outgoing freighter and was dropped off in the outer core worlds. Intrigued by the rich planets, Cran began making his way through the systems, cheating his way towards the galaxy's capital. Once he made it to the sprawling world, Cran was back to the streets but he was utterly enthralled by the wealth and politics of the planet. In the midst of such a "distraction," Cran met the spirited Nin'Queesha and the two found themselves lost in passion for one another. Despite the fact that Nin'Queesha was a Bre'Ama and by definition the opposite of the Henne'lel- she was the closest thing that Cran had ever come to meeting one of his own kind and her high moral also linked them. The infatuation faded away when Cran was given a good offer on a Hunter craft and bought his way into the hyperlanes.

The Water Elemental left Nin'Queesha on the core world, hoping to find more adventure, and became a bounty hunter in the outer worlds and later ventured out of his home galaxy and on into the splendid unknown. Life was good, if not a little bit messy, until Cran found out that he had not only abandoned his mate but the child that Nin'Queesha had born them both. Greatly hurt by the thought that he had left his family, Cran set out on a search for his child and mate- following the sometimes questionable directions and hints of a spacer that he had helped.

For two years the Water Elemental tried to find Nin'Queesha without luck. It was around this time, though he never gave up the hope of finding his family, that Cran's mind once more began to gaze towards new and exciting things... and this time he was taken by the idea of bonding a dragon. Not only was the act both strange and adventurous to the Water Elemental- but he strongly believed that having someone to both take care of and be loved by would alleviate his yearning for the family that he just cannot seem to find again.

A dragoness that Cran felt close to before she even hatched, Zein-mui chose Cran as her own and now accompanies the Water Elemental into the unknown, lending him both hope and devotion.

Caretakers: Unknown
Bond: Bonded Zein-mui at Star City's Private Hatching (Rurilusith)

# Location Chasers Pre-Flight Flight Mate Hatching
0 N/A N/A N/A N/A Nin'Queesha Chxalli N/A
1 N/A N/A N/A N/A Zein-Mui Gredelle (Cran's Juinna'si) N/A

Blood Relation


Mizai Chxalli

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