Cran and Zein-mui: A Jhiisaiian Greeting

Jhiirsai... Cran breathed slowly as the word drifted through his mind, savoring the sound and feel of the thing. This was the home of Nin'Queesha, of his child... besides being a Telesnan word, Jhiirsai looked as though it was a world created by Queesha- with great endless oceans dotted by tiny islands and reefs. The waters shimmered with greens and whites even from space, and Cran could see by the well spaced cloud cover and the green fur of the lands that Jhiirsai was lush and wild. Untamable it looked, just like the Telesnan, just like Nin'Queesha. The Henne'lel could feel his mate- so close that her flowing thoughts shifted through their reds and yellows on the edges of Cran's own mind.

Zein-mui, watching her bond rather than the growing planet, could barely manage to surpress the feeling of anxiousness which had risen up in her chest. She had helped Cran find this world, she had helped him search for his Bre'Ama mate, but now that the time had come for them to actually meet this woman- Zein wasn't so sure that she wanted it to happen. Cran had always given her all his love, could she bare to share it with anyone? Not only did this planet hold Cran's mate but his child... and surely together they would become more to him than Zein herself. The thought made the dragoness sick to her stomach- as she yearned only for her bond and his devotion. She hoped to all the gods in the universe that this meeting would not destroy their relationship... that they would remain as they had been, even when Cran could be with his older family once again.

Cran had once told Zein's father that the Telesnan people mated and bred as dragons did, without truly permanent connection (except in rare cases), but this had not been entirely true. The Telesnan mated who they wished, true, but they did not leave their families when the mating was done the way that dragons often did... no, the Elementals remained with their families, every bit of them and as much as they could. Their love seemed endless and strange to Zein-mui, whose attachment branched to Cran only, though she was yet young. Cran felt his bond's apprehension, and turned to give her a reassuring look. Zein couldn't help but smile back at her love, with all three of her heads. That smile soothed away her fears, for the time being... but the rocky landing that the pair was forced to make quickly brought the ugly emotion crawling back into Zein's heart, and when she saw two thin Human females standing on the deck waiting for them, the feeling only grew stronger.

Cran waved with excited extravagance out the window at the two figures, and Zein knew that this thin creature was none other than Nin'Queesha herself- somehow atuned enough to her old mate to know that he had come for her. Zein grimaced as the Bre'Ama and her child waved heartily back at Cran, and she followed Cran closely when he scrambled out of the ship- tripping with joy. She didn't want to let him out of her sight for a moment, lest he forget her or find himself loving the Bre'Ama again. However, Zein's attempts were unnecessary, for despite the fact that this was the moment that Cran had been waiting for for so many years, his bond remained on his mind, in his mind... a part of him forever.

He embraced his child and his mate, and both were greatly receptive to their father and mate. Such was the Telesnan way- always welcoming the family, always feeling and taking the connection of family to be eternal and boundless. Cran's child, who was no longer a child, was a pretty daughter, her Human form a sad representation of her true elegance and impossible beauty. He held her for a long time, the both of them taking in the shared blood in their veins- the scent of one another, the feel, the touch, until each knew the other as though they had been together from the first. Nin'Queesha took less time with Cran, and the looks that they exchanged where knowing and familiar even before they touched. Zein-mui wanted to disappear, but forced herself to remain at Cran's side, miserable. To the dragoness, the Henne'lel had, by all appearances, forgotten her- but she had not yet learned the patience of the immortal, and was quite surprised when Cran turned to her as soon as he had finished, his eyes bright.

"Nin'Queesha, Mizai," Cran said. "This is Zein-mui, my bond and..." He whispered this word, "Juinna'si, though she doesn't know it yet." Zein blushed beneath her fur and tried to smile with at least one of her heads at the grinning couple that was Cran's family.

"Hello," she managed after a moment. "It is very nice to meet the both of you." Nin'Queesha leaned down towards Zein, her eyes narrowed with thoughts that Zein couldn't reach.

"Don't bother lying," she said to Zein's great embarrassment. "I know how worried you were about coming here- heck, I could feel your fear from lightyears away." To Zein's surprise, Cran and Nin'Queesha began laughing- and the noise, rather than being mocking was rather friendly and Zein even felt as though she could join with them... had they not stopped before she could muster the voice.

"Well, don't worry," Nin'Queesha added. "He is all yours, sister... and you can keep him!" The Bre'Ama female shifted, with Cran and her daughter, into her natural form, and once she was large enough to see eye to eye with Zein, she touched the dragoness in a warm greeting. Zein-mui could not have been more relieved... more happy. Cran was finally content now that their search was over, Nin'Queesha seemed to like her... and Jhiirsai seemed like it might just be the place for a nice nest and a hatchling or two...

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