Canadian Army

Canadian Army


(We stand on guard for thee)



 National Defence Headquarters (NDHQ), Ottawa ON


Major-General Gerald A. Brown, OMM, MSC, CD

Bases: CFB Gagetown, NB CFB Wainright, AB CFB Petawawa, ON

 See Table

Weapons Used:

Browning HP Pistol SIG P225 Pistol
MP5 SMG   C8A1 Carbine C7A1 Assault Rifle
C3 Sniper Rifle M82A1 Sniper Rifle C5 (now replaced)
C6 MG C9A1 LMG  


Basic Training
Armour - Cavalry Artillery (Field/Horse-Air Def) Engineer - Combat Diver
Infantry (Airborne - Naval) Joint Task Force 2 Pathfinders
  Raider Infantry  

* Support, MP and Medical are as US.

Regiments (Reserve Units in Italics):

Special Operations Forces
Joint Task Force 2
Land Forces Atlantic Area (LFAA)
3rd Area Support Group
Atlantic Area Training Centre
Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR) - 2nd Battalion (CFB Gagetown, NB)
3 Intelligence Company
4 Engineer Support Regiment
4th Air Defence Regiment
36 Canadian Brigade Group (Halifax, NS)
Nova Scotia Highlanders - 1 and 2 Battalions Princess Louise Fusiliers
West Nova Scotia Regiment - Infantry 1st Royal Naval Infantry Regiment Of Canada (1RNIRC)
Prince Edward Island Regiment - Armour Recce 1 Field Artillery Regiment
84 Independent Field Battery - Artillery 45 Field Engineers Regiment
30 Military Police Company 33 Service Battalion
35 Service Battalion 33 Medical Platoon
35 Medial Company 30 Dental Platoon
36 Canadian Brigade Group Band 36 Canadian Brigade Group HQ
37 Canadian Brigade Group (Moncton, NB)
Royal New-Brunswick Regiment - Infantry - 1 and 2 Btln Royal Newfoundland Regiment - Infantry - 1 and 2 Btln
8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Loiuse's) - Armour 3 Field Artillery Regiment
56 Field Engineer Regiment 31 Service Battalion
36 Service Battalion 37 Canadian Brigade Group HQ
Land Forces Quebec Area (LFQA)
34 Groupe-brigade du Canada (Montreal, PQ)
Royal Highland Regiment (Black Watch) of Canada - Inf. Canadian Grenadier Guards
Royal Canadian Hussars - Armour 3 Regiment d'ingenier de campagne - Engineers
9 Regiment d'ingenier de campagne - Engineers
35 Groupe-brigade du Canada
Voltigeurs de Quebec Le Regiment de la Chaudiere
Sherbrooke Hussars 12th Regiment Blinde Du Canada - Armour
58 Batterie d'Artillerie Antiaerienne - Air Defence 62 Regiment d'Artillerie de campagne - Artillery
Land Forces Central Area (LFCA)
2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (CFB Petawawa, ON)
Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR) - 1 and 3 Battalions Royal Canadian Dragoons (RCD) - Armour
Royal Pathfinder Regiment of Canada (RPRC) 1st Canadian Light Infantry Regiment
1st CANUS Raider Battalion 2nd Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (RCHA)
1st Air Defence Regiment 2 Combat Engineer Regiment
2 Service Battalion 2 Field Ambulance
HQ and Signals Sqn 427 Squadron (Air Force)
31 Canadian Brigade Group (London, ON)
Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR) - 4 Battalion The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (Princess Louise's) The Essex and Kent Scottish
The Lincoln and Welland Regiment Highland Fusiliers of Canada
1st Hussars RCAC- Armour Windsor Regiment - Armour
11th Field Artillery Regiment RCA 56th Field Artillery Regiment RCA
31 CER - The Elgin Regiment - Engineers 21 Service Battalion
22 Service Battalion 23 Service Battalion
23 Medical Company 31 CBG HQ
32 Canadian Brigade Group (Toronto, ON)
Royal Regiment of Canada - Infantry The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada - Infantry
48th Highlanders of Canada Toronto Scottish Regiment - Infantry
The Lorne Scots - Infantry The Grey and Simcoe Forresters - Infantry
The Governor-General's Horse Guards - Armour The Queen's York Rangers - Armour
7th Toronto Regiment RCA - Artillery 2 Field Engineer Regiment
2 Intelligence Company 25 Medical Company
25 Service Battalion 32 CBG HQ
 33 Canadian Brigade Group (Ottawa, ON)
The Princess of Wales Own Regiment - Infantry Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders
The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa The Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment - Infantry
Irish Regiment of Canada - 2nd Btln - Infantry The Governor General's Foot Guards - Infantry
The Algonquin Regiment - Infantry The Brockville Rifles - Infantry
The Ontario Regiment RCAC - Armour 30th Field Regiment RCA - Artillery
49th Field Regiment RCA - Artillery 1st Air Defence Regiment (Lanark and Renfrew Scottish) RCA
3 Field Engineer Sqn 2 Intelligence Platoon
28 Medical Company 26 Service Battalion
28 Service Battalion Ceremonial Guard
Land Force Western Area (LFWA)
1 Area Support Group (Edmonton, AB)
1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (Edmonton, AB)
Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) - Armour
1st Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (RCHA) 1st Combat Engineer Regiment (CER)
1 Service Battalion 1 Field Ambulance
38 Canadian Brigade Group (Winnipeg, MN)
PPCLI - 2nd Battalion The Royal Regina Rifles - Infantry
The Royal Winnipeg Rifles - Infantry The North Saskatchewan Regiment - Infantry
The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada The Lake Superior Scottish Regiment - Infantry
The Saskatchewan Dragoons - Armour The Fort Garry Horse - Infantry
26 Field Artillery Regiment 10 Field Artillery Regiment
116 Independent Field Artillery Battery 16 Service Battalion
17 Service Battalion 18 Service Battalion
16 Medical Company 17 Medical Company
18 Medical Company
41 Canadian Brigade Group (Calgary, AB)
The Loyal Edmonton Regiment (4 PPCLI) - Infantry The Calgary Highlanders
The Kings Own Calgary Regiment - Armour South Alberta Light Horse - Armour
20 Field Artillery Regiment RCA 18 Air Defence Regiment
8 Field Engineer Regiment 33 Field Engineer Squadron
14 Service Battalion 15 Service Battalion
15 Medical Company
39 Canadian Brigade Group (Vancouver, BC)
The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary's) The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada - Infantry
1st Royal Naval Infantry Regiment Of Canada (1RNIRC) The Royal Westminster Regiment - Infantry
The Rocky Mountain Rangers - Infantry The British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaughts Own) - Armour
The British Columbia Dragoons - Armour 15 Field Artillery Regiment RCA
5 (BC) Field Artillery Regiment 6 Field Engineer Squadron
44 Field Engineer Squadron 11 Service Battalion
12 Service Battalion 11 Medical Company
12 Medical Company


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