Diemaco C8A1 Carbine

Diemaco C8/C8A1 Carbine

A modified version of the C7A1 assault rifle, the Canadian C8A1 is an upgraded C8.  Based on the M4 design of the US, the C8A1 is a versatile weapon which has been adopted by many regiments, and civilian government departments.  Able to use the M203, night sights, bayonet, and a multitude of fittings, the C8A1 is a must for most Mercs.  Though nearly identical to the M4, the C8A1 is a fully automatic weapon, instead of using bursts.

Round: 5.56mm N
Wt: 2.8 kg
Magazine: 30 box
Price: $750
Weapon ROF Dam Pen Blk Mag SS Brst Rng
C8A1 Carbine 5 3 1-Nil 3/4 30 3 7 40
 * Scope adds 15 meters to aimed shots only.

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