Royal Pathfinder Regiment of Canada

Royal Pathfinder Regiment of Canada

Country: Canada
Department: Canadian Army
HQ: CFB Petawawa
Units: 1st Jump Brigade
2nd Special Weapons Brigade
Command: Lieutenant-Colonel Micael R. Jarvis, MB, MSM, CD
MOS: As per Chart

     Organization:    1st Jump Brigade:  Pathfinders work in small groups called triads.  Each 3 man team consists of a Sniper/Team leader equipped with a PSG-1 Sniper Rifle, a Rifleman/Grenadier equipped with a C7A1/C8A1 with M203; and a light machine gunner equipped with a C9A2.

                            2nd Special Weapons Brigade:  A more specialized and smaller Brigade, the 2nd is used for lone and two man sniping missions.  The Lead Sniper carries a C3, PSG-1 or M82.  The Spotter, if one is assigned, carries a C7A1.

    History:    Officially its own regiment in 1999, the RPRC was designed to provide Canada with its own dedicated scouting and sniping organization.  An advanced training course for Jump-qualified soldiers, the Pathfinders is the Army's elite field unit.

    Pathfinder Career MOS

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