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Regiments and Special Operations Units

Nation Regiment
Australia Royal Australian Regiment (RAR)
Canada HMCS Charlottetown (FFH-339)
1st Royal Naval Infantry Regiment of Canada (1RNIRC) * Royal Pathfinder Regiment of Canada (RPRC) *
1st Hussars Canadian Scottish Regiment
1st CANUS Raider Battalion *
Thunderbird Wing * 497th Combat Rescue Team *
Canadian Rangers
France 2e Regiment Etranger de Parachutistes (2REP)/2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment  French Foreign Legion
Russia Strogly 564 DDG
802nd Air Defence Squadron 'Alien Killers'
41st Spetsnaz  Group 'Oktober Guard'
United Kingdom The Parachute Regiment
United States of America NAVSPEC Force Seafighter's Task Force
US Army Rangers 'Airborne Rangers' US Army Special Forces 'Green Berets'

Special Operations Units

Joint Task Force 2 (JTF2) - by Brad Clark
United States of America
US Army 'Delta Force' US Navy SEa, Air, Land (SEALs)
US Navy Seafighter Squadron * US Special Operations Force - Spearhead
US Air Force 34th Alaskan NG Fighter Squadron


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Rogue Elements

Sea Otters * Rommel's Raiders *
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