1st CANUS Raider Battalion

1st CANUS Raider Battalion

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Country: Canada / United States of America
Department: Canadian Army
HQ: CFB Petawawa
Command: Maj. Gen. Jim Talbot (Cdn Army) / Lt. Gen. Stephen Selkirk (USA)
MOS: As per Chart

 Taking a cue from World War 2 on jeep mounted raiders that operated behind enemy lines, Major General Jim Talbot of the Canadian Army spoke to his long time friend and brother in law, Lieutenant General Stephen Selkirk of the 10th Mountain Division, about forming a light air deployable hard-hitting strike force that could operate behind enemy lines indefinitely.

  This idea was presented to the Canadian Chief of Defense Staff and the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff. Both the Canadian and US governments very well received the concept. It was decided that a battalion would be formed to determine how effective the “raider” concept would be. The CDS and the Chairman of the JCS decided as well that in order to serve in the new combined unit, interested personnel would have to be already qualified infanteers with at least one term served.

  In Sept 2003, the 1st Canus Raider Bn. (Provisional) was stood up at CFB Petawawa Ontario, Canada. Training facilities and communications were provided by Canada, the US would provide the HUMVEEs used by the unit as well as the airlift needed to deploy the battalion. Both countries equally supplied troops.


   The Humvees used in the unit are equipped with one of the following weapons: .50 cal HMGs, Mk. 19 AGLs, TOW2 anti tank missiles and Stinger SAMs.

PLATOON: (smallest deployed tactical unit)

                                1x Command Hummer with .50 cal HMG (fitted with satellite communications uplink)

                                1x Anti-tank Hummer with twin TOW2 launcher (with 50km secure radio) has 8 reloads

                                1x Air Defense Hummer with quad Stinger SAM (with 50km secure radio) has 12 reloads

                                2x Weapons Carrier Hummer with Mk. 19 AGLs (with 50km secure radio)

                                1x Hummer with .50 cal HMG (fitted with satellite communications uplink)(also carries a medic)

                Crew of 3 (Driver, Co-driver/vehicle commander, and gunner)

                A lieutenant with a 2IC of platoon sergeant/warrant officer 2nd class commands each platoon

                Each Hummer is also fitted with a M249 LMG for the co-driver

                Raider Platoons consist of 6 Humvees and 18 personnel


                                Company Headquarters:

                                                2x Ambulance Humvees with 1 doctor and 1 nurse

                                                2x Cargo Humvees

                                                1x Maintenance Humvee with vehicle mechanics

                                                1x Command Humvee with .50 cal HMG (fitted with satellite communication uplink)

                Has 4 Raider Platoons and commanded by a Major with a 2IC of master sergeant/ warrant officer 1st class

                Raider Companies consist of 30 Humvees and 91 personnel


                                Battalion Headquarters:

                                                4x Fire Support Humvees with 30mm auto cannon

                                                4x Mortar carrier Humvees with 81mm mortar

                                                4x Ambulance Humvees with 2 doctors and 2 nurses

                                                2x Maintenance Humvees with 4 mechanics per vehicle

                                                4x Cargo Humvees

                                                2x Air Defense Humvees with quad Stinger  SAMs

                                                1x Command Humvee (as above)

                Has 4 Raider Companies and is commanded by a Colonel with a 2IC of sergeant major/ master warrant officer

                Raider Battalion consists of 141 Humvees and 429 personnel


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