Apply for my award


Apply for my Award



Number 1: Award of beauty



Number 2: Awesome site Award



Number 3: Great Spirit Award



Number 4: Award of Exellence



Number 5: Cool site Award



Number6: Free Spirit Award




De Rules to win my Award(s):


1: No violence, Pornography, Abuse or other things that looks like that. It must be a family site. 

2: You have to link my Award(s) to

3: You have to leave a message in my Guestbook.

4: You can at most win 3 Awards for a Site.



What you have to do:


Send me a E-mail with:

1: Your name

2: The Titel of your site

3: The URL of your site

4: Tell me something about your site

5: Tell me which Award(s) you apply for

6: Tell me why do you think you deserve this Award(s).


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