Eagles are good hunters


Eagle's are good hunters



Eagles are often getting easy on their food. They are very good hunters and they have to hunt a couple of hours a day. The rest of the day they are playing and making stunts to fly for their plessure. The body's are adjust to the prey they are hunting after.


Snake eagles have short strong toes, exacly what they need to hold wiggling snake. They eat the whole snake.


Some little eagles catch small preys. They have smaller toes en claws. Yellow-brown eagles are hunting often on mountain badges.


Other small eagles are getting bigger preys so they have bigger claws. They also hunt on monkeys.


Sea eagles have rough lumbs on their toes, they can get a fish very well with it.


Harpy eagles having hugh claws (sometimes they are 13 cm long), they can get very large prey with it. Sometimes they are hunting on deers.


Eagles don't always fall with high speed on their preys. Instead of it they flowing down with low speed and with spread wings. They are going down so softly that their prey don't even hear them coming.


True the couldest part of the winter in the High North, eagles have sometimes trouble to finding a prey. In that case they eat practical every peace of meat that they can find. In Alaska sea eagles are surching for food in refuse dumps.


Sea eagles are fish eagles. Basicly they catch fishes to fly low above the water, and so gets the fish out of the water. This way of flying can only be applied by fishes that are swimming just under the waterline.


Normaly eagles are hunting alone or with the two of them. But when there is a lot of food at one place then they will come together. In Alaska, when there are swimming a lot of salmon in the river, there are hundreds of sea eagles that then will hunt together. The salmon are often weak because they have a long trip behind them, so then they are a easy prey for the eagles.


Some eagles wait till the pelicans, herons or other birds are catching something - and they steel it then from them. The African sea eagle will dive on the pelican. To save his body, the pelican will let fall the food out of his mouth.


Large eagles can beat very hard. The stroke that a America sea eagle gif his prey can be twice as hard as a bullet from a gun.


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