Different food


Different food



 Eagles mostly eat living prey that they have captured by themself. Some eagles eating almost every sorts of living prey, while others eat a couple of  preys. Snake eagles only eat snakes and sometimes they eat a frog or lizard. If a living prey is hardly to catch, they eat other prey that already are dead when the eagle find them.


Most eagles are hunting from a high place. Especialy sea eagles and eagles that are living in the woods. Instead to fly around, they wait on a bough or stump till the prey is coming true. Then they dive on the prey. Eagle couples are often share their food.


Sometimes they jump with a big splash into the water to catch a big fish. The African sea eagle uses his wings to make sure that the fish can not escape.


The yellow-brown African eagles have more variants in their food then other eagles. They have a menu that excist from grasshopper til dead elephants.


When a eagle have catch his prey, mostly he fly with it into a tree, because he is saver in a tree then on the ground. That is why most eagles catch a prey that is smaller then themselves. They can fly away easily with it.


In the East of Africa eagles even hunt on flamingo's. They attack mostly the big pink birds  when they are flying in a group.


Hawk eagles can fly upside down to catch a prey. They dive under a flying bird, turn around and catch the bird with their claws. This way of hunting is unusually. Most eagles atack their prey from above and most of all they like to catch their prey on the ground or in the water.


When eagles have catch a living prey they keep the prey for themselves, their partner and their young ones. But when they are eating, they must often share this with other animals.


From all the eagles, vulture eagles have the strangest eating behaviour. Mostly they do not catch other animals, they use their sharp bill to break the nuts from a palmtree and eat the fatty food.



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