Eagle physique


Eagle Physique



The body of the eagle is build to fly and hunt. It must be light enough to get in the air and to fly, but it must be also be strong enough to catch a prey and take it with him. A eagle does not weight to much. The feathers of a big eagle seems to be very heavy, but they weight over nothing. The American See eagle have more than 7000 feathers and they weight about 600 gram. If je hold 30 feathers in your hand they weight less than a nikkel.


Eaglewings are so light. The female from the see eagle can have wings from almost 2,5 meter but they weight about 900 gram. This is because the feathers are very light, and they are laying over eachother, so there can be a lot of air between them. A eagle wing is stronger than a airplane wing.


Eaglewings can be amazing strong. Every feather is kept together over more then 350.000 hooks. The parts of hooks is called hook beards and the parts that hooks on are called arrowbeards. Each part of the feather depends of keratine, that is the same material of our nails and hair.


Eagles have hollow bones. On some places in the bones are strenghtenings, and further there is only air. It seems incredible, but the skelet of a American See eagle weight about 275 gram.


When the eagle wings his wings, than the movement down of the wings gives the most flying power. And it is for that reason that the muscles that pule the wing downstair are much bigger than the muscles that pule the wings upstairs. The flying muscles are for the eagle so very important that most of it those muscles are half of his whole weight.



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