My name is Raymond and I am 18 years old and I am collecting Eagles, and because I like them so very much I thought lets make a homepage of it so that other people also can see  them too. I find the Eagle a spiritual animal, he has something so beautiful and wise about him. I also love the Native American culture and especially the one of the Navajo's. The ealgle is by the Native Americans a guide or messenger in a dream for example.

At my home we breed White Shepherds, and they look a little on the white wolves and also the wolf I like very much. Our white shepherds have Native American names with a meaning. Our kennel is called "Goyahkle's Spirit to". If you want to see our website about our kennel then go to links and click on the banner.


Lots of greetings from Raymond and Have fun!!


P.S. If you have pictures of photo's from eagles will you be so kind to send them to me by mail.    



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