Eagle sorts


Eagle sorts



There are 4 groups of eagles, in every group are 59 species of eagles. In general all the members of each group like the same. The physical look is equal, or they take the same food, but in every group is also a great kind of variation possible. Very often de eagles are different in size and every eagle is what the colours or fethers beautiful in his own way.


Group 1: Harpijen

Harpijen are very large eagles. The most of them lives in the woods en they are hunting on large mammals like monkeys and sloths. There are only 6 sorts of harpijen. 


Group 2: See Eagles

See eagles are big till very big birds. There are 11 sorts who all live by the water, some of them lives by lakes or rivers, other by the see. They feed them with fishes or waterbirds. The American see eagle belongs to this group.


Group 3: Snake Eagles

Snake eagles are small till normale size birds. Normaly they hunt on snakes or frogs. There are 12 sorts, and you can find them in woods, desserts or the savanna.


Group 4: Pigmy eagles

You have pigmy eagles from small to big. All those eagle have feathers on there feet till there claws which seems if they have boots on there feet. There are 30 sorts and some of them live on every place on earth, from the pool till the tropic wood en from the lowlands till the highest mountain tops.


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