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Baby eagles are very little when they are coming out of the egg, but they are not staying little very long. All eagle parents are very good parents and take care very good of their kids. They gave them all the food they need. De little ones are growing very fast. Stone eagles weight by birth only 85 grams. After 45 days they weight 40 time as much.


American see eagles and other big eagles build very good nests, they depends mostly about thick tree branch.


The nest must be on a save place to be. If there are no high trees in the neighberhood, the eagle will often build his nest against a rock face. De stone eagle prefer such a place for his nest.


Some sorts, like the stone eagle, can have 2 or 3 nests, they only use one at the time. The place where the littleones are gonna be, are covered with leaf or other soft material.


Many eagles are using every year the same nest, it will be larger every year. Some nests are gonna use for many years, sometimes over a hundred years. If a couple dies, a next couple can take the nest and build it bigger and bigger again. On this way a eaglenest can be so big as a car.


From the moment that the egg is broken and the baby's are born, it takes about 65 till 75 days before the stone eagle is gonna fly. Between this period their white down feathers are making place for dark feathers.


After the female eagle have lay her eggs she have to sit on the eggs a long time before they came out. The stone eagles must sit on the leggs about 50 days. Sometimes the male eagle will sit on the eggs.


When the baby eagle will be born, you can hear it making noise in the egg.


After it is making noise, the baby needs to have about 15 hours before he have his first opening into the egg. The animal have a special tooth for that, the egg tooth.


When he has the first opening in the egg, than the baby eagle must have to do a lot of work. It can take 35 till 40 hours before the young bird finds his way out of the egg.

When they are coming out, the must rest because they are very tired then. They dry up when they are resting.


Baby eagles are not drinking milk, instead of that they are getting little peaces of flesh from their parents.


Birds have a extra eyelid that is called the third eyelid. The eye can take clean with it or it is used for protection. Eagles use the third eyelid also when they feed their baby's. Than they can not pick by accident in the eyes of their parents.



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