Eagle wings


Eagle Wings


Eagle wings are very strong, and eagles just wants to know how to use them. They know without much trouble to get very high. On hundreds of meters high they can hanging without their wings to use, and they can be falling very quick on their prey, that is on the ground. If they have their prey than they can take it into the air with them. Some eagles can take a prey into the air that is havier then themselves.


If the eagle is getting up into the air he will be getting higher by using his wings. By this movement of the wings, the air is getting faster about the upside of his wings.


Schientists say there are 3 groups of eaglewings. Each group has his own specification by the flying of the eagle. Most of the eagles have very big and wide wings, so that they can go up in the air without much trouble en that they can float. With wide wings a bird can much longer stay in the air than with small wings. Wide wings are for extra power to get up if a bird with his prey wants to fly away.


We can make 3 groups as I have told you yet.

Deck feathers: They make the wings on the front thicker, so that the air on the uppersit of the wings is streaming.

Primairie feathers: Those feathes can just like the fingers on a hand be spread so that the air resistant can be lower.

Secundairie feathers: Those feathers are going down so they can increase the air restistant and getting up to reduce them.


To getting very high, eagles often lifting with warm airbubles. As soon as a eagle is getting in a bubble he only have to spread his wings to getting higher.


Those bells are excisting because the sun the air is warming just above the earth. Warm air is lighter than cold air, so warm air is getting higher. Eagles are floating in the middle of the uppersit streaming to get higher. If the bubble is very big, they can climing up till 5 km height.



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