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Here are the stories I've written so far. Plus some from friends! Just click on the title to go the story. Complete info for each will be listed on the page for the story. Like disclaimers, beta(s), and such. Betas make the world go 'round. :-)

Oh, and just in case you got here without checking out the opening page, a lot of this is adult Star Trek fanfiction right now. We're talking slash, and NC-17 here. With an emphasis on Picard/Q. So please, if such things aren't to your liking, don't read! You have been warned. I do have G, and non-slash stuff here too. And more strange, random stuff to come.

Pleasures of the Flesh

Picard teaches Q to enjoy his human form. P/Q Written by Sara. -TNG- [NC-17]

Deanna's Decadent Dip

Deanna loves baths, chocolate, and sex. Q loves being mischievous. Good combination? T/Q, P/Q implied, f/n, PWP Written by Farfalla. -TNG- [NC-17]

Aurora Borealis

Q takes Picard on a little trip for Christmas. They end up contemplating eternity. P/Q -TNG- [NC-17]

Brand New Day

The beach, a bauble, and New Year's with Q and Picard. P/Q -TNG- [NC-17]

A Thing of Beauty...

Q creativity leads to a field trip. The bauble makes an appearance. P/Q -TNG- [NC-17]

A Thousand Years

Obsession. Q, (P/Q one-sided) -TNG- [PG-13]

What Lies Within

Closer than friends, closer than family. With an unpleasant twist. P/Gu/Q Warning: mental violation. -TNG- [R] or [NC-17]

└ Lui Je suis un Amoureux

Two drabbles meant to mirror each other, one en franšais, and one in English. Picard has to play many roles to many people... P/Q Warning: Bad French. -TNG- [G]

Q Surprise

Q needs some help fixing the problems within the Continuum. He gets a "brilliant" idea about how and who to turn to... *Evil chuckle* May squick some, meant as humor. -TNG- [PG]

Now Go Do the Right Thing

Worf attempts to seek advice on a suggestion from Counselor Troi. (W/T implied) -TNG- [G]

Ruby Red

It's a drabble. Humor. K/Grapefruit, K/S implied -TOS- [G]


Data and Geordi are taken back in time through my own version of a warp field anomaly (to be described later) and are hanging out in the 20th century, where they are mistaken for superheroes (among other things). D/La implied -TNG- [PG]

Final Seconds

Picard has some distrubing Shinzon-related memories. -TNG- [PG-13]

Role Model

Beverly Crusher racks up another one on the way to a higher state of existence. C/m -TNG- [PG-13]

Two Wild and Crazy Guys

Our sexy man bitches don't want to miss out on the fun. P/B (G/B and P/Q implied) slight Dom-Sub, humor, PWP -DS9/TNG- [NC-17]

The Wrong Night

Someone had his dates mixed up. Pairings obscured. Slash. -DS9- [PG]

Tactile Stimulation

Data and Picard have a personal moment with Zefram Cochrane's ship. P/D/SS -TNG- [R]

Have a Cup?

Troi wants to share something with her lover, but things turn a little nasty and strange. R/T (Brief mention of a sexual situation, and random bizarreness) -TNG- [N/R]

How to Woo and Win the Alien of Your Dreams

Looking for love in all sorts of places... N, Tu, K, Q, SuzyQ, N/Tu one-sided, K/?, P/Q one-sided implied -VOY- [PG]

Smooth Operator

Archer goes on a date. A/f -ENT- [PG]

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