Ruby Red

Author: jm
Series: Star Trek
Disclaimer: The stuff that's Trek belongs to Paramount/Viacom. The stuff that isn't they wouldn't want. Not for profit.
Notes: Remember the Sci-Fi Halloween thing in '02?


It was early morning. Starfleet habits died hard. But it was never too late to start new ones. Take this beauty resting on his plate right now. He'd never gone for something so healthy before.

Kirk picked up the full, succulent globe in his palm. So firm, so round, so fresh! He savored the feeling of rough peeling against his fingertips as the flesh was exposed. His tongue darted out to sample the tartness.

"I will suck out your juices. I will delve into your depths. I will tease you as you explode in my mouth. Ohhh--"

"Enjoying breakfast, Jim?"


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