Now Go Do the Right Thing

FANDOM: Star Trek: The Next Generation/Dr. Laura
PAIRING: Worf/Troi (implied)
DISCLAIMER: I don't own or make money off of anything Trek. Paramount does. Dr. Laura owns herself.
NOTES: This is in answer to Farfalla's Dr. Laura challenge. As far as I remember, it was to take a Trek pairing and have one of them go seek advice from Dr. Laura. I briefly considered P/Q, but didn't do anything with it. Then this just popped into my head. Please keep in mind my knowledge of Dr. Laura stems from a brief two week stint listening to conservative radio done out of some sick fascination/boredom years ago. So this may not be completely accurate. I hope I've captured the flavoring of her style, however. The set up would be that this is done in the manner of a phone call to the radio station, not a visit to her show.


"There's a sucker born every minute."
--attributed to P. T. Barnum

He sat in front of the computer in his quarters. "Computer! Please access late 20th century Earth advice person," Worf stiffly requested.

"A random selection has been made fitting the parameters specified," the computer replied.

I cannot believe I am going to go through with this. "Computer, please display results."

A woman appeared on the terminal. She was seated looking at something off screen. The woman suddenly spoke. "This is Dr. Laura Schlessinger, welcome to the program."

"Ah, yes. I would like--" Worf began uncertainly.

The woman cut him off. "First of all, whom am I speaking to?"

"My name is Lt. Worf, chief secur--"

"Thank you, Worf. Now, what is your question?"

"Yes. I am currently having a personal relationship with someone onboard. She had a former relationship of a similar nature with a mutual friend who is also my commanding officer. We--"

"By 'personal relationship' you mean something romantic or intimate?" Dr. Laura cut in once more.

"Ah, that is correct," Worf uncomfortably answered. He started to try to ask something again but didn't get far. "I--"

"And you said she was the former 'girlfriend', or what have you of your commanding officer. Do you also work with her?"

"Yes." Worf didn't even try to say anything more at this point. He could feel his annoyance building.

"And do you think that's wise, to carry on a relationship with one of your co-workers? Especially since this appears to be some sort of military environment you are talking about here?" she challenged.

"Well, I--"

"Could there also be some problems arising from the fact that the two of you both work with her former 'boyfriend'? You do both work with him, correct?"

"I have taken into consideration the problems--" By this time he felt like growling, shouting, or both.

"I don't think you have," she broke in, predictably. "I can tell from the sound of your voice. You seem like you're withholding a great deal of tension."

"Perhaps", he said irritably, "it is because--"

"I think the real issue here is whether you should even be in this relationship in the first place. I want you to think long and hard about that. Now, go do the right thing." The screen abruptly went blank.

"I--well, that was most unhelpful. I fail to see the benefits of this 'advice seeking' Deanna was talking about. I do not wish to insult her job on the ship, but Klingons do not seek advice. It is just as well that this has failed. I think I will go work this off on the holodeck."


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