Smooth Operator

Author: jm
Series: Enterprise
Disclaimer: Paramount owns them. I just mess around with them for free.
Notes: This is for Alara's weekly series challenge, het ENT. So there. It's a drabble--a story of exactly 100 words.


He decided to take her to an old-fashioned drive-in. Women enjoyed that stuff. Shelia was a nice girl. So he brought flowers, too. To make sure he'd get some later. An enhanced vid played. Time for small talk. "The things they come up with. Crazy, huh?"

"Um, yeah. I'm trying to watch," she replied, bored.

Archer tried to warm things up. You can't mess with a classic. It usually worked like a charm. His arm landed on her shoulder. *Slap!* Except now.

A guy called out, "Hey buddy, you should look to the stars! I hear space girls are easy!"


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