Q Surprise

Author: jm
Fandom: Star Trek: The Next Generation/Voyager
Disclaimer: Oh, yes, I don't own the characters or the playground they play in. Paramount does. I'm just borrowing them for a bit. Not for profit, this is just for fun.
Betas: Thanks to a friend for the title, and the little editorial comment. Thanks also go to Sara, for previewing.
Notes: Double drabble, which is a story of exactly 200 words. Knowledge of the Voyager episodes "Deathwish", and "The Q and the Gray" help here. I finally saw "Deathwish" for myself and this is the result. Basically, there is a Q who later calls himself "Quinn" who wants to make himself mortal so he can commit suicide. Q, representing the Continuum, doesn't want this. Janeway and co. get involved, and Q tries to bribe her to side with him. If I recall correctly, sex is offered here, too. He's turned down. Quinn prevails, and he shows Q that there is something "lacking" in the Continuum. In the next episode, we find out what Q thinks will help fix things. TPTB were really stretching here! This is my version.


Now that the Continuum's problems have been pointed out to me... *sigh* Thanks Quinn. I will have to do something. I have an idea. A new element is needed. Shake things up. I can't ask Janeway. I'd need to spend more time with her. She didn't respond well to bribes... Jean-Luc. I've done some unpleasant things to him in the past, but he seemed to be able to see the positive side most of the time. He appears to be warming up to me...especially after I gave him that chance at his past. And I did help him save all of humanity. Humans...usually it's the females that do this sort of thing. I'm certainly not going to do anything so...messy. But, of course I can solve this--I am Q!


"Jean-Luc, I think I've discovered why you have been feeling queasy and having strange cravings, among other things."

"Yes, Doctor? What is it?"

"Well, Jean-Luc, I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see the evidence with my own eyes. According to my exam, you're...pregnant."


"Yes, I'm afraid it's true."

"But...but...how is this possible?!"

*bright flash*

"Just tell me Doctor, is he healthy? Is the baby doing all right?"



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