East Rock Territory People
Welcome! Welcome!

East Rock Territory is home to many folks, from several holds and weyrs. Click on the links below to learn more about each person.
This list is getting long! Each Weyr, Hall or Hold's Roster will be listed on the Hold's page... in due time...

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Dehsa Weyr

The Legendary Dehsa Weyr

Ryslen Weyr

Ryslen Weyr

A'lik, brownrider

A'ndo, rider of bronze Alivirth, Impressed at Rose Circle Weyr.

D'run, Searchrider on blue Okserth

Drikara, rider of blue Kulerth, impressed at at Alabaster Weyrhold.

Felyar, candidate at Baeris Kshau's Healing Den.

Ikara, Headwoman's Second

J'kosh, Weyrleader, rider of Bronze Zerroith

Jainly, weyrbrat, candidate at DragonSoul Weyr

Jeyann, rider of gold Mezireth, Impressed at Baeris Kshau's Healing Den.

Keni, greenrider

Kerli, Watchrider on Green Sxoith

Ki, rider of blue Amnyth, Impressed at Talor Cliff Weyr

L'ken, rider of White Releith, Impressed at Wu Weyr.

L'ran, rider of brown Dulveth, Impressed at Blackstone Weyr.

L'yo, brownrider

Onda, bluerider

Quaiwil, Archivist, candidate at White River Weyr

Quolwic, candidate at Talis Weyr

R'lan, Searchrider on blue Ancith

Riale, rider of Blue Niawith, Impressed at Baeris Kshau's Healing Den.

Sy'n, drummer, rider of brown Onaleth, impressed at Alabaster Weyrhold.

T'lri, rider of Corlath, Impressed at Baeris Kshau's Healing Den.

Tiyanni, Weyrwoman, rider of Queen Lityath

Tylar, rider of green Isemoth, Impressed at Baeris Kshau's Healing Den.

Vallen'sVallenCove Weyr

Vallen's Cove Hold & VallenCove Weyr

C'nordi, rider of blue Hitath, Impressed at Sapphire Weyr.

Issic, Searescuer, candiate-to-be

Leid, Lord Holder of Vallen's Cove

R'tonn, rider of brown Akalinth, Impressed at Sapphire Weyr.

S'rion, rider of blue Lacrith, Impressed at Sapphire Weyr.

T'lri, rider of Corlath, Impressed at Baeris' Healing Den.

Z'rin, Searescuer, rider of Moeomth, Impressed at Baeris Kshau's Healing Den.

Kielac Hold

Kielac Hold

Two River Hold

Two River Hold


Dov, MasterFarmer

G'leyr, rider of green Nuikath, Impressed at Talor Cliff Weyr.


Im'mel, rider of brown Nadornth, Impressed at Talor Cliff Weyr.

J'rin, tailor, rider of blue Searchdragon Amitath, Impressed at Alabaster Weyrhold.

Jenokk, Journeyman Vintner

Jeniae, rider of green Phylith, Impressed at Falas Weyr.

Karigi, Headwoman

K'hi, rider of blue Tirrath, Impressed at Wu Weyr.

K'mer, rider of green Unath, Impressed at Wu Weyr.

Keyanki, Wife of Sanjoral

Leic, Steward

Maiahn, hold girl from Two River Hold, candidate at Alabaster Weyrhold.

Maranni, rider of green Twengith, Impressed at Baeris Kshau's Healing Den.

Mejolin, Holder

Merigel, vintner apprentice

Rehlla, Lady Holder

Sanjoral, heir

Sariae, Journeywoman Harper

S'rino, rider of blue Ducath, Impressed at Falas Weyr

T'zir, rider of blue Ilyboth, Impressed at Talor Cliff Weyr.

W'ren, rider of brown Hirlath, Impressed at Alabaster Weyrhold.

Bell Hold -- Dolphineer's Hall

Bell Hold

Bynor Hold

Bynor Hold

Savaai, candidate at Artaq Weyr.



Jenir Plains

Jenir Plains Runner Hold

Glinde, rider of Nantryth, Impressed at Baeris' Healing Den.

MasterBreeder Horrau

Jazrae, candidate at Lasair Weyr

Mallian, Candidate at Starlite Hatchery.

Raulpidal, candidate at Xaviea Weyr

Sennet Seahold

Sennet Seahold

Nemar, candidate at Andromeda Weyr

T'rinn, rider of green Yuraith, Impressed at Baeris Kshau's Healing Den.

Woodhall Hold

North Woodhall

Ganaivoh, Glasscrafter, Candidate for White River Weyr.

South Woodhall

Master Woodsman Degri

Rikaemin, candidate at Thayor Weyr

Timmult, candidate at Silvermoon Weyr

The Quarry -- Minehold

"The Quarry "

Donzen, Journeyman Miner

Klia, Journeywoman Miner

T'gre, apprentice Miner, Rider of Brown Garionth, Impressed at Aneris Weyr

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