Triegren, Candidate The Quarry - Minecraft "Master Zenshiro?" came a young man's voice from a ways down the mineshaft.

"Yes, Triegren?" the short husky man said, rising from where he'd been stooped inspecting a vein.

"Did you see a firelizard fly past?" Triegren said, his voice nearer now.

The MasterMiner didn't hesitate when he heard this, and immediately gave orders to clear out. Ever since the first time Triegren had insisted there would be a cave in, and was right, the mine was cleared on his intuition. The collapse wasn't always where Triegren was working either.

As the last miner exited to the sunlight, a faint rumble was heard, which grew louder just before a cloud of rockdust blew out of the mineshaft.

"Triegren, thanks once again for the swift warning." Zenshiro said. "I don't know how you knew, but thank you."

Triegren smiled. "My pleasure, Master Zenshiro." The short slim lad said. It had only been a turn or so that this had been happening, and coincidentally, he'd only been apprenticed to the minecraft about that long.

After the dust had settled, three Journeymen went in to check the stability of the area that had fallen, and to organize the cleanup. It was during this time that R'lan, the Searchrider from Ryslen came on the scene. Ancith landed gently, and his rider slid off.

"Good day, Master Zenshiro." the bluerider said.

"And a good day to you, Searchrider. How can I help you?" the MasterMiner asked.

"There's a clutch at Ryslen, sir. Would yhou mind if Ancith and I take a look at your miners?" R'lan asked.

"Go right ahead." Zenshiro said, granting permission. "Triegren - a word with you."

Triegren walked over to his Master, who slyly led him away from the dragon.

"Oh, Triegren?" R'lan said, turning to face them. "Your cousin Garinol Impressed a blue at Dawn Sister's Weyr."

Triegren blinked in surprise. He and his cousin 'just knew' when something was going to go awry - though Triegren's "talent" lended more to things rock-related.

Zenshiro made idle chat while Ancith surveyed the apprentices and journeymen, careful to keep Triegren as far from the blue as possible.

Finally R'lan strode over to them. He looked at the rather nondescript apprentice, and asked, "How many Turns have you, Triegren?"

The sandy-blonde haired lad replied promptly. "Nearly 17, sir."

Zenshiro looked to R'lan. "You can't take him, R'lan! We need him! He's saved us from four cave-ins this quarter alone." The man was distraught.

R'lan looked at the Mastercrafter, face expressionless. "Surely you've other Journeymen or Apprentices who can tell flaws in teh mineshaft." he said, taking a step towards Triegren.

"Not like Triegren." Zenshiro said, and R'lan cocked an eyebrow.

"How so?"

The MasterMiner was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Should he tell Triegren's secret, or not?

"I know when the mine will collapse, R'lan. I just feel it in my head." Triegren admitted, freeing the Master from his dilemma.

"I see." R'lan said. Ancith, ask Shannilth if there are enough candidates for her clutch yet.

Time passes, with Master Zenshiro fidgeting.

She says there is a spot open. Ancith's reply came.

"I'll make you a deal, Master. If Triegren doesn't Impress, I'll have him back to you tomorrow morning."

Triegren wondered just when Ryslen's clutch was to hatch.

Not Ryslen's Ancith told him. Triegren was confused.

"And if he does?" Maser Zenshiro demanded.

"Then we'll have to wait and see." R'lan said. "Maybe his dragon will have an affinity for mining."

Zenshiro glared at R'lan, who was obviously making a joke at his expense.

Ancith? Triegren tried to send to the dragon. I want to go.

I'm glad the blue sent back softly, relaying Triegren's message to his Rider.

"He's not for Ryslen, MasterMiner. There's a clutch hardening at Aneris Weyr." The Searchrider explained.

Zenshiro thought about this for a moment. "Nobody from East Rock has ever been a candidate there." he said finally.

"Right, Zenshiro. That's why it's imperitave to send the best we can find there." R'lan said, calmly.

Zenshiro frowned. "Well, I suppose Triegren can go... if he wants to... but we'd hate to lose him."

"I don't blame you." R'lan said. "Are you ready Triegren?

"Yes, R'lan." came the apprentice's prompt reply.

"But you didn't ASK him!" Zenshiro exploded.

"He told Ancith he wanted to go." R'lan said.

"You did?!" Zenshiro said, whirling to face the boy.

"Yessir." Triegren said, worried.

"Well, fine. Good luck then, Lad. Make us proud." the MasterMiner said, waving him away.

Time passes...

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Triegren is a candidate at Aneris Weyr

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