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East Rock Territory is not a Hold, Hall, or Weyr.

East Rock Territory is an alliance of small holds and smaller weyrs Ryslen, located east of the Blackrock River on the Southern Continent of Pern nowhere in particular.

Their objective is not to ally against a common enemy -- Bekirol and Arx Atra Mons, but and to work together, to get the most from the land, sea, and sky. To lend a helping hand... or talon, as necessary.

Members of the East Rock Council:

Dehsa Weyr

Ryslen Weyr
Pernese Dragon Adoptions OPEN! Visit!
Now accepting candidates from all over Pern Everywhere!!

Vallen's Cove Hold (aka Vallencove Weyr)
((adopted pernese dragons)) Visit

Kielac Hold
-Harper, Healer and Smithcraft Halls- Visit

Bell Hold

Bynor Hold

Jenir Plains Hold
-Beastcraft and Tannercraft-

Sennet Sea Hold
-Seacraft and SeaRescue- Visit!

North Woodhall Hold

South Woodhall Hold

Two River Hold
-Farmcraft and Winecraft-

"The Quarry"

Care to meet some East Rock Folks?

Last Update: 2/14/04

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