Kielac Hold - East Rock Territory
Kielac Hold
Kielac Hold

Kielac Hold is located on the Southern Continent of Pern. It houses the Harper and Healer Halls for East Rock Territory, as well as the Smithcraft Hall.

Craft Halls





Aylani, Apprentice Potter

Beylai, Headwoman

Brylina, candidate at Silvermoon Weyr.

Chren, Drummaster

Delrion, Journeyman Harper, candidate at Lasair Weyr.

Ekol, Masterhealer

G'rin, Apprentice Smith, Rider of blue Ajantith, Impressed at Dawn Sisters Weyr.

Giini, Sr. Apprentice Harper/Farmer, candidate at Baeris Kshau's Healing Den.

Jandolin, NightWatch, candidate at Baeris Kshau's Healing Den.

Jiala, Journeywoman Harper

Jyliac, 'Master' Potter

Kyrrin, Night Watch

Korrim, Steward

Oran, Lord Holder

Sagion, candidate-to-be

Shianna, rider of blue Kayrizoth, Impressed at Wu Weyr.

Syrinx, dance Journeyman, candidate at White River Weyr

Dragonriders listed here are FROM the hold or were Searched here. They reside at Ryslen or VallenCove.

This darkened den is the home of Kielac Hold's WatchWher, Dyle.

A clutch of white watchwher eggs was found by Kyrrin, of the Night Watch, on a trip to Sapphire Weyr.

Dyle, Kyrrin's very special watchwher finally came home to Kielac.

We're celebrating his arrival. His unusual coloring, coming from his mother's rare coloring, makes him even more rare.

Keep an eye here for more details.

Dyle has counted visitors since 10/31/2000

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Watchwher from Sapphire Weyr.
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