Female, age 13 turns
Daughter of Klia and Donzen, miners at The Quarry.
Sent to Kielac Hold as "a minehold is no place for a young woman to grow up."
Fostered to Beylai, the headwoman.
Has a tendency to listen rather than to talk, to run rather than to fight.
Has dark hair that is slightly wavy and tied back at the nape with a wide ribbon.
She has dark blue eyes and dark klah-colored skin.
She prefers bright colored clothes, and would rather wear slacks than skirts.

Shianna stood among the shards of pottery, torn between an intense need to scream, and an equally intense need to cry. Someone had come into the workshop and smashed several days worth of work. Not just hers this time either, but everyone's.

Clenching her teeth and fighting to hold back tears, Shianna began to sweep up the fragments of greenware. She'd just dumped part of the mess into the reclaiming tub (where dry but unfired clay could be moistened into usable clay again) when Jyliac, the most experienced potter came in.

"Shianna!" she screeched, "How could you?! This is the third time in three days you've smashed everything!"

Shianna was frozen in place. "But I..." was all she managed to say before Jyliac snapped at her again.

"But nothing!" Jyliac yelled at her, "Clean this up!"

Shianna reached for the broom slowly, but Jyliac changed her mind instantly, and began screaming again. She'd seen her own pieces among the shards.

"Get out! Get out!" Jyliac screamed at Shianna. "And Stay out!"

Shianna fled from the workshop, tears streaming down her face. No one stopped the 4'8" tall girl as she ran. They'd heard Jyliac's screams halfway across the hold. And Kielac was big.

She unconciously ran straight to the room she shared with a few other apprentice girls. She stopped short as Aylani stepped into the doorway.

"You'd better go." was all the girl said as she handed Shianna a carrisack with her things in it.

Shianna left the hall, and ran off into the trees. They'd began shouting at her again once she'd gotten outdoors, so with tears streaming down her face, she ran.

Shianna ran away from the hold, pumping her little legs as fast as she could. She hadn't clamed down enough to think rationally when she heard something crasting through the trees. They're after me! They're after me! she screamed within her mind, breaking into a paniced run.

Who? A gentle voice responded, trying to calm her with just the one word.

THEM! Have to run! Faster! Shianna's mind screamed.

An unexpected change in the terrain caused the frightened girl to stumble and fall. She screamed, but even that sound ceased abruptly as her head struck a stone and she blacked out.

She's gone! Ancith cried in alarm. R'lan was worried. His blue rarely Searched someone he couldn't see.

Where is she? R'lan asked, peering down into the trees as Ancith circled.

There! Ancith cried, showing his rider a picture of where the girl's limp form lie. We must!

Why wait? R'lon said, slapping the blue's hide lovingly.

Ancith landed in a clearing a short walk away from where the young dark haired girl lay. Even a small green wouldn't have been able to land closer.

R'lan slid down and wove his way through the trees. Kneeling beside the girl, R'lan checked to see if she was okay. Her heart was beating steadily, ans she was breathing. Two good signs. She wasn't bleeding, fortunately.

R'lan spotted a carrisack, and walked over to get it from where it had landed when Shianna fell. It was clearly marked with the emblem of Kielac Hold, and it's contents indicated that it's owner didn't plan on returning any time soon.

Shells Ancith, you've Searched a runaway R'lan thought, returning to sit by Shianna, to wait for her to awaken.

So Ancith replied, his unease at being confined by trees apparent in his tone.

What are we to do with her? R'lan mused.

She can go to Wu Weyr too. Ancith replied.

But we just came from there after dropping Leyken off. R'lan said, turning to stare in his dragon's direction. Tell Ryslen we're delayed, please, you big blue brute.

Done. Ancith said a moment later. Isemoth thinks she should go to Wu too.

"Ok, Fine!" R'lan said out loud, exasperated.

Shianna began to stir, and after a few moments her eyes flickered open. It didn't take long for her blue eyes to go wide in renewed panic.

"Whoa girl! it's okay. I'm here to help you." R'lan said, beginning to get up.

Shianna scrambled to her feet, and made a mad dash for the trees. She lurched towards the nearest, hanging on for dear life. "My head... " she moaned.

R'lan hurried over to help her. "You had a fall..." he began, then shook his head. "I'm R'lan, from Ryslen." he said.

Shianna relaxed a little bit, knowing that dragonmen were honorable. "My name is Shianna." she whispered.

"Ok Shianna," R'lan said. "Come with me. My blue, Ancith, will give you a ride."

Shianna shook her head feebly. "I won't go back! I won't!" she whispered hoarsely.

R'lan laughed. "Who said anything about back? You've been Searched, Shianna."

Shianna slowly turned to face the bluerider, her shock evident on her face. "Searched?!" she breathed. "I'm too young to be a Candidate, R'lan!"

R'lan smiled, his pale blue eyes sparkling. "Ancith doesn't think so."

R'lan led the now smiling Shianna to where Ancith waited impatiently.

She breathed deeply as she took in the sight of the dragon. She'd never seen one up close before.

R'lan chuckled. "Ancith says you should get used it it; you'll be seeing a lot of dragons from now on."

Shianna smiled. she definitely liked the sound of candidacy.

What? I forgot something? No, Shianna didn't smash everything in the pottery workshop. After she'd run out, a small black and white feline appeared, and made short work of the rest of the unfired pottery, right in front of Jyliac's eyes. That's why they were yelling when she left the hall. They tried to call her back, and sent a few people after her, but... if they'd found her, Wu Weyr would be out a candidate.
Aylani, the well-meaning apprentice, adopted the feline, and appropriately named him Smash, which was perfectly all right with everyone, as long as she kept her pet out of the pottery workshop.

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And so as time passes, things happen.

After seeing Shianna settled at Wu, R'lan went on with his duties. He did make time to stop past Kielac and tell Beylai that her foster-daughter had been Searched, and stopped at The Quarry to tell Klia and Donzen as well. Of course, they were delighted. What loving parent wouldn't be?

Finally, the dragons at Wu began humming, and the beautiful Kuaith's eggs readied to hatch. It was a time of worry, fret, and great rejoicing for every candidate. To Impress...

The most wonderful thing happened at the hatching. A white dragon, and a rainbow dragon hatched, and a queen too! Shianna marvelled at the sight, she'd never seen anything so gorgeous. Other eggs hatched, but Shianna couldn't take her eyes off those two hatchlings. They'd impressed already, but they were so...

Colorful. a voice said in her mind, cool, calm and strong. It left behind a warm-fuzzy feeling indescribable in words.

Shianna jumped, as the blue hatchling had caught her quite off guard. She immediately wrapped her arms around him, and whispered, "You're the most wonderful thing I have ever seen, Kayrizoth."

Hatchling KayrizothThe sturdy blue crooned in delight, and together they left the sands.

Shianna? the blue dragonet asked. Why are you crying?

Shianna stopped and put her hand to her face, where tears had moistened her klah-dark skin. "Because I'm happy, Kayrizoth." She said, smiling.

With Kayrizoth at her side, there was nothing Shianna felt she couldn't do...

...and her story continues...

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