Garinol Kielac Hold
Garinol was a fine young man, with seventeen turns under his belt and a great start towards Journeyman in Smithcraft. He'd been picked out as Master Zantor's special apprentice due to his dedication and trustworthiness.

The Smithcrafters at Kielac prided themselves on accuracy, like smiths everywhere. The clumsy and lazy couldn't cope with the regimen set forth by the Masters.

This dawn found Garinol in the breakfast nook, eating a hearty breakfast. He'd always been an early riser. His dark hair was cropped close, and his skin was a mellow golden brown. Finished, he conscientiously returned his dishes to the kitchen, then departed for the Crafthall.

No one else had arrived yet, or if they had, they'd neglected to open the heavy shutters. Garinol went around teh room, opening the windows to let the morning light in. Each window was equipped with a pane of mostly-clear glass which could be removed for fresh air to circulate about the hall. None were cracked or broken, so Garinol picked up a broom and begane to sweep before the Journeymen arrived to start their day.

Within half a candlemark, the Journeymen began to come in, and Garinol finished sweeping the greater of the two rooms without getting their way.

"Are y' done sweeping, Garinol?" one of the Journeymen asked.

"Yes, Journeyman Dein." he replied respectfully.

"Good." Dein replied. "I've a task for you."

Garinol put up the broom, and went to see what Dein wanted him to do.

The Journeyman wordlessly handed him a stack of wax tablets, some in very bad condition. Garinol looked at the towering pile.

"When you're done with that," Dein said with a grin, "I've another stack like that to be melted too."

Garinol didn't complain. That would be of no use. Restoring the tablets would take all day, and if you rushed and got the wax too hot, it would darken, and when it got too dark, it was useless.

The morning passed slowly, and the midday meal finally came. With it came, rumors of Searchriders. Garinol paid no heed to this. He had work to do, and beind distracted could cause disaster.

The buzzing rumor followed him back to the crafthall in the minds and mouths of his fellow apprentices.

The afternoon passed uneventfully for the smiths, though others scampered around preparing for the Riders.

Garinol was almost done with the tablets when Master Zantor walked in with a dragonrider. Garinol felt something in the back of his mind, and turned to look. The Rider was walking past a table where and apprentice was busy working on something. The feeling increased, and Garinol was moved to speak. "Rider?" he called.

The man stopped in his tracks, and Zantor stopped behind him, not far from teh apprentice at the table. "Yes boy?" he replied cooly.

Garinol's mind raced for seomthing to say. Why had he done that? "From which Weyr do you hail?"

The Rider grinned. "Dawn Sisters Weyr. Why do you ask?"

"Just curious." Garinol replied, looking back to his task.

The rider began to move again, and the chair beneath the apprentice suddenly broke, sending the lad flailing backwards.

Master Zantor caught him "Whoa! Tough break. If I'd not been standing here..."

The rider looked at Garinol, but the apprentice had already gone back to his tastk.

Garinol worked steadily, aware of the scrutiny. He always had this feeling when an accident was going to happen, ever since he'd taken that fall and racked his head a good one. There were countless times when a well timed interruption had helped avoid an accident. Nobody had notivced, or mentioned that they'd noticed, this quirk about Garinol.

After the evening meal, Garinol sat out in the courtyard, carving a small block of wood with a small sharp knife.

The rider, D'lom, came over and sat by him. "Your Master gave you a glowing review today." he said, breaking the ice. Garinol looked up, wondering why he was being told this. "Do you know why I'm here?" the bluerider asked.

"On Search, or so I thought." Garinol answered.

The rider nodded. "Zantol not only gave you some high praise, but also permission to go." he said. "Will you come with me to Dawn Sisters Weyr, and stand as a candidate for Green Silveruth and Blue Zybanorth's clutch? Pern could use a man like you a-dragonback."

Garinol smiled. "I'd love to go."

Ajantith butted G'rin's leg with his deep blue head. Let's go! Let's go! he insisted.

G'rin moved. "I'm going, Ajantith!" the apprentice smith said, grabbing up the oil before they left the weyrling barracks. When Ajantith said he wanted a bath, he meant now.

Washing the big blue and oiling him was by no means an easy task, but the smith had done worse. And besides, time with your Impressed was time well-spent.

Everyone was sure Ajantith was going to be brown, from the size of his egg, but he wasn't. He was rather large though, and may as well grow to be nearly as large as a brown.

Only time will tell. Ajantith

The azure dragonet splashed about in the weyr lake, and tormented the few other hatchlings until G'rin made him stop. He outmassed all but one of his clutchmates, and would definitely become a great fighter.

Thanks! Ajantith said, striding out of the lake to dry. So, when's lunch? I'm hungry.

G'rin chuckled. Hopefully this stage wouldn't last too long!

Ajantith has grown!

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