Healer Mallian
Mallian walked slowly down the hallway with a gait much like an elder with worn-out knees. However, Mallian the Healer had only lived for 18 turns of the planet. The tall young man had pale blonde hair and fair skin. He had the look of a gawky teen all grown up - long of limb and slender. In his youth he'd been a jockey at Jenir Plains, and had even ridden the guest racers from Thundering Rapids (at Master Aydon's request, of course).

Shortly after he reached 14, the racer he was riding was spooked by something, tripped, adn fell, breaking its back and shattering Mallian's right leg in the process. Using his minor healing talent, Mallian was able to survive until someone could remove the beast. From that day, Mallian vowed to learn the arts of healing, because he would never be able to ride again.

He hobbled down the hallway to the room of his patient, a girl of six who'd been attacked by a wild animal. She had deep scratches across her shoulders and down her back. Only time would tell if she would lose any motion of her arms or torso permanently. Mallian's sister, now a baker's apprentice, had been about this age when he was injured. Of his other siblings, two were breeders, and one a talented weaver.

Mallian had been a serious student, and had never been even slightly put off by some of the most gruesome injuries and bloodiest messes. Even setting bones wasn't a problem for him, no matter whose bones they were! He knew instinctively when to hurry, and what he should take his time on. Maillian thought briefly of his mother, the slender 5'9" tall stablehand while he helped the girl back into her bed, hoping that someday this young girl would find a man as nice as his own draft-beast breeder father to marry her. Of course, there was no way to help with that - life must follow it's own path.

As Texia slipped into sleep, she whispered, "thanky healer Mlian. I hope you get a nice one."

Mallian was tempted to ask what she meant by that, but she was already asleep. One of the apprentices appeared at the doorway. "Healer Mallian - have you a moment? There's someone here for you to see."

Mallian looked at the apprentice. "I've no more patients today, boy. Who is it?"

"A Rider, sir." The apprentice replied. "He's waiting for you in the lounge." The boy said, then vanished. Mallian hated when they did that. Couldn't they just leave like normal people?

Mallian limped down the corridor to the lounge to find bluerider R'lan reclined on a sofa. He began to get up as the healer entered, but Mallian waved for him to sit back down. "No need Rider. I'll sit myself. What brings you here today? Someone ill?" Mallian settled himself into a chair.

"Actually, healer Mallian, no. Everything is fine and good. I stopped by to see if you'd like to accompany me on a little trip. The Starlite Hatchery has a clutch, and you'd make a good candidate..." R'lan trailed off, watching the Healer's face for any reaction.

"You're kidding, right?" Mallian replied, a bit astonished at the suggestion.

"Not in the least, healer. We could use someone like you a-dragonback. Even with Dragonhealer Glinde on our team now, someone of your talent with a reliable (not to mention loving) source of transportation would be indispensible to all of East Rock, instead of just Jenir Plains."

Mallian considered for a few moments. "You drive a hard bargain, R'lan. But who'll care for Texia?"

The rider smiled. "I've arranged for Healer C'nordi from Vallen's Covve to take care of your young ward until she's well enough to travel to Ryslen - or until you come back to her. Whichever comes first."

Mallian smiled. "I'll go; how long do I have to pack?" he asked, hoping he'd be able to tell Texia goodbye before he went.

"I'm not exactly sure, Mallian. Those Starlite Hatchings come much faster than one would expect."

Mallian frowned slightly. "Don't worry - Texia knows already." The apprentice said from the doorway. "Remember what she said before she fell asleep?"

Now Mallian smiled, and went to pack. He hoped she was right -- and wondered how she knew.

Mallian is a candidate at Starlite Hatchery.
TrillienthThe days and nights spent at Starlite Isle were a blessing in disguise for Mallian. Magicks flowed freely on the Isle, and he found that healing was definitely his true calling. The constant exposure opened his mind, and freed the Talent he'd only hoped was actually there. Along with medicines, minor surgeries, and some hope, Mallian could heal with his mind. He was a true Healer. And yet, he tried to deny it. Pernese people didn't have any mental powers.

Soon, but not too soon, the hatching came. Blue Alesbryt and Red Ankrith's flight had resulted in six wonderful eggs, and everyone was excited to see them hatch. Especially Mallian, oddly.

Hatching by Keeper Sarai

With half the eggs hatched, and the gold still surveying the candidates regally, everyone was happy to hear two more cracks of the eggs and even more pleased to see a purple, not a brilliant, fake purple, but a darker, subdued purple dragon rolling to her feet. She immediately walked to her chosen.

"I am Trillienth," she told Mallian proudly. "I'm a healer, too. I'll teach you how to do magick to help people. Even those who don't have talent can learn a little bit. Then you'll be more valuable to all of East Rock than anybody else." She sounded so sure, the crowd didn't disbelieve it for a second.

Mallian couldn't believe it. "Believe, M'lian." Trillienth said, leaning lovingly against him, wrapping her wing around his leg in a sort of hug. Mallian thought it odd that Trillienth could talk. Pernese dragons thought to their riders with some mind-to-mind speech.

I can do that too, if you'd prefer. Trillienth said. Mallian nearly jumped as a warm tingle spread through his bad leg.

"Trillie... what did you..." he gaped, feeling the change almost immediately.

"I healed it." Trillienth said, lovingly.

What wonderous things they would do together.

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